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Homeowner Sparks Outrage After Creating Skeleton Strip Club In Her Garden

Homeowner Sparks Outrage After Creating Skeleton Strip Club In Her Garden

The attention to detail is superb

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A homeowner in Texas has sparked outrage after erecting a skeleton strip club on her front lawn as part of her Halloween decorations.

Yep, some people really do go the extra mile at this time of year, don't they?

One such person is Angela Nava, who covered her entire garden in randy skeletons wearing wigs, attached to polea, and called her supernatural strip club 'The Candy Shop'.

The whole display features three stripper skeletons in exactly the kind of positions you'd expect to find real strippers - so I'm told, anyway - along with a host of other ghoulish characters.

Angela Nava

The attention to detail is there, too. She even added in a special skeleton security man complete with a hat and a guest list, with his arms outstretched as if to say 'if your name's not down, you're not coming in'.

There are punters too - one wears a pair of gold sunglasses and is waving a fake dollar bill towards the bony dancers, while his beer sits beside him on a nearby table.

It's incredible, and whilst Nava's mates have described it as 'creative and clever', not everyone is so taken with the seasonal display.

The local homeowners' association has told her to get rid of it, branding it obscene.

Angela Nava

Come on folks, lighten up a little. If you can't be garish and crass at Halloween, when can you get away with it?

Naturally, Nava is not happy with the decision. In fact, she sees it as an infringement on her freedoms.

She told local media outlet WTNH: "I believe we live in the greatest country in the entire world.

"And we do have the right to self-expression and creativity. And this is my way of being creative and having an outlet. There's no harm. I'm not hurting anyone."

Angela Nava

There is - however - a twist to the tale.

While the homeowners' association has demanded that she take down the display, it has also given her 30 days to do so, by which time Halloween will be long gone, so she can be pretty happy about that outcome.

This also gives her a stay of execution while she plans what to put up for Christmas. We'll just have to wait and see what she comes up with.

On the evidence we've seen so far, it's got to be pretty good.

Featured Image Credit: Angela Nava

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