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Meet The People Who Get Off On The Idea Of Being Eaten

Meet The People Who Get Off On The Idea Of Being Eaten

Vorarephiles get turned on by either being eaten or being the one doing the eating

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

People can be attracted to virtually anything on the planet. Some act on those desires and others keep it in a realm of fantasy.

There's foot fetishes, scat fetishes, bondage fetishes, car get the picture.

Some attractions are illegal and others are simply immoral. Some are well known and others exist in the dark recesses of the internet. Some make you think WTF and some sound vanilla.

Well, let us introduce you to vorarephilia - the erotic desire to be eaten or eat someone or something.

Before we get started, there's some lingo that you have to know to understand the different nuances of the vore community.

Vorarephiles categorise themselves as Prey, Predator or Observer based on whether they get off on the idea of being eaten, being the one who's doing the eating, or just there to watch the scenario go down.

Soft vore relates to swallowing or being swallowed whole by a person, animal or creature and the prey is usually alive. Hard vore takes it up a notch and fetishizes the idea of being ripped to shreds or chewed up by the predator.

There's also another set of vorarephiles who get more turned on about the digestion part and get off over having a person or thing sitting in their stomachs or being that person (endosomataphilia).


Because it's a diverse attraction, we spoke to more than half a dozen people to wrap our heads around the fetish.

But before you concoct an idea of what a vorarephile might be, the people we interviewed came from all around the world. They're gay, bisexual and straight. They're male, female and transgendered. They're engaged, partnered and single.

Interestingly, nearly everyone we spoke to discovered they had this type of attraction when they were pretty young.

Ivy, a 22-year-old American man, told LADbible: "When we watch media as children, sometimes it can have lasting impressions. There was one movie, in particular, I remember, The Great Mouse Detective.

"At one point a mouse (anthropomorphic) is swallowed whole by a large cat. I'd say that was probably what first caused an interest in vore, though obviously I had no word to describe it, nor was I even conscientious of it as a kink."

This was one person's vore awakening.
Walt Disney

It seems as though a lot of scenes from kid's TV shows, movies and video games sparked some type of sexual awakening.

Aleksander from Russia tells us: "I realised I was into vore when I played Heart of Darkness on PlayStation 1. There is a lot of vorish death scenes in this game. The Mefudoka one is my favourite."

These attractions also take human form, with a 17-year-old guy from the UK saying: "I first realised that I was into it back in primary school.

"I remember wanting to be eaten by my teacher. I only really got into it as a fetish when I hit adolescence and started coming across artwork of it."

You wouldn't be alone in thinking the case involving Armin Meiwes would be the ultimate form of vorarephilia.

The German computer repair technician was sentenced to life behind bars for killing and eating a person he found on the internet - despite his victim, Bernd Jürgen Armando Brandes, fully consenting to it.

Armin Meiwes.

But it's worth noting that vorarephiles don't actually want to be eaten or eat someone - it all exists in the realm of fantasy.

"Vore is separate from cannibalism in the minds of a lot of people in the community," says 18-year-old Berry.

"There are some people who are into the idea of killing someone painfully through chewing or cutting up, but I think that is one of the more uncommon fetishes."

Some of the vorarephiles we spoke to are more turned on about the details leading up to the meal rather than the act itself.

Ann, 21, described her perfect scenario, saying: "Some sort of prey girl being eaten either consensually, as a sacrifice in a tribal setting, or on accident, caught in the wild by some predator. There would be some lead up, as the anticipation from the prey is a huge turn on. It doesn't matter if the predator is sentient or not, as long as it swallows the prey girl whole."

You're probably thinking why the hell would this appeal to someone and, unfortunately, there's no 'one size fits all' explanation - but Amanda, 27, does a pretty good job.

"At its core, the dynamic is one of domination, objectification, and degradation," she tells LADbible.

Despite being low-resolution, this 'Heart of Darkness' character being eaten is still a turn on.
Amazing Studio

"The submissive character is objectified and degraded by the other by having their value, the value of their whole life and potential, reduced to nothing more than a passing relief of basic desires such as hunger.

"The idea of a sentient being being nothing more to the predator than a quick source of sating their hunger and lust. This is what I find exciting.

"Though, again, this is not something I would have any desire to take part in if it were realistically possible - just as one who plays violent games may not want to inflict real harm on others."

The people we spoke to had varying opinions on whether they liked being vorarephiles.

For example, Emma told us: "Sometimes, I'm neutral about it. It doesn't really negatively affect me, it's just a weird fetish I have. I don't need to tell anybody about it everything is fine."

Whereas James said: "At points I like being a vorarephile, other times I wish I wasn't attracted to it, as it's a weird thing to like to be honest."

They all in some way, shape or form acknowledged that the fetish is strange but as long as they're not actually hurting someone, who are we to judge?

Featured Image Credit: Orion Pictures/Silence of the Lambs

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