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Japan's Trying To Convince The World To Wear Super Low-Rise Underwear

Japan's Trying To Convince The World To Wear Super Low-Rise Underwear

The trend, which has come out of fashion house Predator Rat, leaves very little to the imagination at all

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

As an everyday item of clothing, of course you want your undies to be as comfortable as possible, right? Well, that isn't what Japan is aiming for at the moment.

One fashion brand based in Japan is attempting to start a new trend of super low-rise underwear, and by super low-rise, they really, really do mean low.

The new undies, sold by the Japanese website Dreamcart and made by the fashion house Predator Rat, barely leave anything to the imagination at all, leaving at least a few inches of the wearer's butt crack on display.

Hell, with undies like this what's the point of even putting on underwear? You might as well go commando and feel the air around your nether regions.

Predator Rat/Jam Press

The range cover only the bare essentials and look flimsy as hell, leaving us with the fear that we'll be left waddling around trying to save our dignity and stop them slipping down.

Predator Rat also offer matching bras for their super low-rise underwear, which are equally useless in covering barely any boob at all. Some women might want to have a load of underboob hanging out of their bra, but we imagine most probably won't.

Jam Press

Of course nothing happens in a vacuum, particularly when it comes to fashion, and Predator Rat's parody underwear is just one of several debatable fashion trends to have done the rounds.

Last year for example we've seen the horror that is 'double jeans' - which are, frankly, appallingly ugly - as well as detachable jeans which transform into shorts that look a bit like Y-fronts:


Despite not having that much fabric to them at all, the super low-rise knickers start at around £20, the bras are £25, and a full set of both is available for £50.

Of course, there's no point criticising Predator Rat's pants for how expensive they are as they're obviously a fashion statement more than anything else. If you're looking to get hold of some practical pants, it might be best to stick to the supermarket 5-packs.

If you're an extrovert, a pervert or someone who likes going out in public wearing very little, then good for you. I'll just stick to my old baggy boxer shorts, thanks.

Featured Image Credit: Predator Rat/Jam Press

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