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UFO Enthusiast Claims To Have Spotted '100 Percent Alien'

UFO Enthusiast Claims To Have Spotted '100 Percent Alien'

He documented the sighting on his YouTube channel, UFO Sightings Daily

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A man reckons he's spotted a UFO that is '100 percent alien'. You can judge for yourself here:

Scott Waring has been running YouTube channel UFO Sightings Daily since 2010; so it's not surprising then that he got a little excited when he spotted the UFO.

The video shows a triangular 'vessel' travelling across the sky from right to left and it's hard to make out what exactly it is. However, one thing is for certain - it's 100 percent alien. Well, that's Scott's view anyway.

Narrating the video, he said: "This is a single glowing object.

"This object has four powerful glowing areas, each corner of it is glowing and the centre of the front of it is also glowing which I assume is either part of a cockpit or part of the propulsion.

"It's absolutely mind-blowing... It is an alien craft... I believe this is 100 percent alien."

None of your semi-skimmed alien bulls***, this is 100 percent alien.

Concrete evidence if ever I saw it.
YouTube/UFO Sightings Daily

He said the footage was recorded from the ISS and therefore constitutes undeniable evidence of alien life.

He said: "We've seen lots of alien craft lately, released by United States military, it's getting in the news. People are shrugging it off like it doesn't matter.

"You can't ignore the facts that are right in front of us and this was recorded by the multi-billion dollar camera on the International space station.

"That makes it undeniable evidence recorded by NASA themselves on live cam."

I'm with Scott - you can't ignore facts.

Unsurprisingly, UFO Sightings Daily subscribers and viewers concurred with Scott.

One said: "This is really good evidence Scott as you said undeniable and NASA and the government should be giving the people the truth now how can they keep this hidden any longer when the evidence is in front of people's eyes it should be a case of the people demanding the truth."

Another said: "Definitely a triangle, looks like one ship, amazing. I cant wait to see what else they ( U.S) are going to show us."

A third added: "Agree this is definitely a triangle craft."

However, another suggested that we needn't worry about the aliens.

They said: "Aliens are not interested in humans. We are trouble, I know, you know....They Know."

Whatever you make of it, I think we can all agree it's good to have a hobby.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/UFO Sightings Daily

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