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Man Films Row Of UFOs Entering Sky To Invade Rural China

Man Films Row Of UFOs Entering Sky To Invade Rural China

The footage was filmed near the city of Fujin at around 3am on 14 April

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

This is the moment a local reckons he might have filmed a line of UFOs descending slowly from the night sky to invade rural China:

The video was filmed near the city of Fujin in the Heilongjiang province of China at around 3am on 14 April. In the footage, a bright leading light is seen descending from the sky while being followed by a string of smaller lights.

The cameraman zooms in and is surprised to see that it does not seem like a single, fast-moving object like a meteor, but rather a slow-moving line of what he thinks might be possible alien spacecraft. Because, what else could it be?

The eyewitness, identified as Mr Liu, said that the lights appeared white in the video, but were actually colourful to the naked eye.

He added that the descending objects remained in the sky for around 30 seconds, but he does not know where they 'landed'.


He said he originally saw a string of firelights in the night sky which he thought were from a meteorite... naively feeling fortunate to see a meteor, he soon realised it was colourful and the front end was relatively large followed by ever-decreasing lights.

Mr Liu said the UFO was much slower than falling meteorites which usually descend in a flash and burn up before hitting the ground.

He added: "The line of spherical lights moved slowly at a uniformed speed."


The video sparked debate on social media with some netizens speculating that it was a kite with a light or a train travelling along a route at high altitude.

Other netizens suggested it was a fireball formed after a meteorite burned up in the atmosphere.

Jiamusi Kite Association's Vice President Li Zhi told a Chinese outlet that it was not a UFO but a kite, although it was unclear why he was so confident that it was not anything else, or whether the Jiamusi Kite Association had been flying the kite that he was referring to.

Funnily enough, a scientist has recently explained that we will make contact with aliens by the end of the century - maybe it won't take that long if Mr Liu is on the case.

Dr Michio Kaku, of US TV series Ancient Aliens, said: "I think that there's a good likelihood that, in this century, we'll make contact with an alien civilisation. And how do we know this? Because we're getting better at scanning planets in outer space for radio signals."

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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