Man Flaunts Weirdly Long Tongue In TikTok Challenge

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Man Flaunts Weirdly Long Tongue In TikTok Challenge

A man has shown off his weirdly long tongue as part of a slightly gross TikTok challenge. Check it out here:


Samuel Morison revealed his unsettlingly large mouth meat as part of the #tonguechallenge - and it has understandably turned a few heads, racking up 92,000 likes.

Commenting on his seemingly infinite tongue, one person said: "The sorting hat: SLYTHERIN!"


Another commented: "The real Venom."

A third added: "Just found my future husband."

The tongue challenge was kicked off by TikToker Skyla Rayne, who you can hear speaking in the background of Samuel's video.

She said in her original video: "Ridiculously large tongue check - because I can't be the only one with a massive tongue for no reason.


"It keeps going, and it's not even just long, it's like super thick. Who did this to me? Why was I born like this?"

Samuel Morison has a massive tongue. Credit: TikTok/@hangwithsam
Samuel Morison has a massive tongue. Credit: TikTok/@hangwithsam

Since then multiple TikTok users have also showed off their above-average-sized tongues, confirming Skyla's theory that she can't be the only one.

You may find all this tongue action a little bit creepy, which is fair enough, but at least the TikTok challenge itself is ultimately harmless, as most tend to be. However, trends that circulate on the platform can sometimes be a little more sinister.


Last month, journalist and social media star Danae Mercer took aim at a challenge which sees sees people tying earphones around their waists to 'prove they are thin'.

The 33-year-old posted a video to her Instagram account, showing a woman in sports leggings and a cropped cardigan wrapping the electronics around her waist twice before tying them in a knot.

In the caption, she highlighted why the trend is so problematic.


She said: "Let's talk about what's happening over on TikTok. Above all else, I want to keep this platform a really happy place. A safe spot in a world that's pretty heavy.

"But when I see eight-year-olds talking about their diets, and 13-year-olds sharing their BMIs. When I see 16-year-old males talking about choking and spitting, and little children wrapping iPhone cords around their waists to check their size, I have to talk."

The influencer - who is famed for her 'Instagram vs. Reality' content - added: "I left out A LOT of the stuff I've seen or been sent. Mostly because it's little girls, picking apart their bodies, or proving how they match certain body challenge trends.

"As a journalist, I am tired of sitting back and hoping something will change. And as an eating disorder survivor, I'm so greatly concerned."


The Daily Mail reported that the challenge first kicked off on Chinese social media platform Weibo in February last year.

It seemed to go viral after one person made a post about challenges relating to body measurements and introduced this particular 'method' of doing so.

After doing the rounds on Weibo, it then jumped over to TikTok, where hundreds of other people have taken apart in the trend.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hangwithsam

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