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Meet The Adult Baby Who Sucks Dummies, Wears Nappies And Calls Her Boyfriend 'Daddy'

Meet The Adult Baby Who Sucks Dummies, Wears Nappies And Calls Her Boyfriend 'Daddy'

The 24-year-old sales associate from Oregon, US, says the role-playing is not sexual at all

Mischa Pearlmen

Mischa Pearlmen

Meet the 24-year-old woman who sucks on dummies, wears nappies and even calls her boyfriend 'daddy' in baby role-play to help her escape the pressures of adult life.

Sales associate Heidi, from Oregon, US, plays with soft toys and even drinks from a baby bottle.

She is part of a subculture called the Little Space community, a group of people called 'Littles' who pretend to be babies for a few hours a day.

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Media Drum

"What attracted me to this lifestyle is how confident and proud everyone was about who they were. Since I was 18, I have role-played as a baby without knowing there were others like me out there," she said.

"I immediately felt comforted that there was a whole group of people out there that would love and accept me for who I am."

When she is acting as a baby, she puts on a nappy, a onesie and even baby lotion. She says she does not actually use the nappy, but it helps to get her into the headspace.

Heidi insists that the baby role-play is in no way sexual, and her boyfriend, Eric - who she calls "daddy" during her child state - is on board with her hobby.

"He didn't know anything about little space until I told him on our first date," she said. "We've only been dating two months, so the relationship is still new.

"He is slowly learning about little space and has been accepting since day one. He doesn't mind me calling him daddy, and he thinks my pacifiers are cute. When I'm not little, he is simply Eric to me."

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Heidi often takes on her child-like look when out in public, wearing pink from head to toe and with her hair in pigtails.

But she says the reaction from the public is largely positive, with passers-by stopping to compliment her as she walks past.

And the community of 'Littles' is also a very supportive group. They often meet up with their caregivers to pass the time by colouring in, playing, or simply babbling and kicking their legs in the air.

"I can be silly and jump on the bed, or quiet and sleepy," she said. "When I'm little, I forget about any adult problem I may have had.

"I also go to a local bi-monthly meetup for littles and their caregivers. It's at a private venue, so we all wear our baby clothes, watch cartoons, and do crafts. I always look forward to seeing my little friends."

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Media Drum

Heidi says she wants to dispel the sexual misconceptions around the Little Space community.

She said: "When I've told men who are my friends, they are actually very supportive. They always ask the same question though; 'Do you act like a baby during sex?' And the answer to that is no. When I have sex, I am my normal, adult self.

"One of the biggest misconceptions is that either littles or their caregivers are attracted to children. That is one hundred percent not true.

"Little Space is a state of mind where you can regress to your childhood. All I can do to combat this misconception is explain in a calm, adult manner what our community really is.

"Another misconception is that adult babies are babies 24/7. In reality, only an hour or two a day is spent being little. I still go to work, pay my bills, cook and clean.

"My first word of advice is to be confident in who you are. Second, there is no right or wrong way to be little. You can wear all pink, or you can wear only black. You don't have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

"Third, find a few friends online who are into the same things you are."

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