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Men With Loud Cars Explain Why They Made Them That Way

Tom Wood


Men With Loud Cars Explain Why They Made Them That Way

Featured Image Credit: PA

Men who drive around with cars that are incredibly loud on purpose have revealed exactly why they do it.

No, it's not necessarily because they're lacking in... let's say 'other departments', but the reasoning behind making your car sound like a helicopter taking off is baffling to most folks.

In some cases, it's because they simply enjoy the sound of it, in others it's to do with performance, but in most cases it's likely just down to straight-up masculinity, and how that is expressed by certain men.

In an interview with VICE, some of those men explained their rationale for making their cars obnoxiously loud.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

One, called Sam, explained: "To a car enthusiast, the sound the engine makes is a huge part of the driving experience and the joy of driving,

"It's been a large factor in why I've bought many of my cars, such as my previous one, which was a V8 Audi S5.

"The engines of this model are known by anyone who has an interest in cars to be one of the best sounding - it creates a deep and powerful rumble, which is hugely satisfying to be in control of, along with the power and speed it can make."

However, he added: "Volume is not always the only reason to modify, and for me I would be looking for improvements to both sound and performance."

One thing that is surprising is how annoyed even those with modified exhausts get at hearing someone else's souped-up car.

Sam continued: "I get irritated myself at d***heads who drive through town or past my bedroom window at 11pm revving their loud cars,

"Personally, if I was driving through anywhere residential late at night, I would drive at low revs to make as little noise as possible. I prefer making noise on an open road."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Another loud car fan, called 'Rideout', added: If you've ever had a neighbour with a heavily modified car, you'll realise why they are awful for their community."

Dag Balkmar, a Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies from the University of Örebro, Sweden, and someone who has written about masculinity and car modification - as you do - said: "These people want a unique car, and by making their car unique they become unique themselves.

"It's about standing out from the collective, as well as being a way of testing and developing their own craftsmanship."

He continued: "Having a loud car can really make an emotional and affective impression on drivers, or the people outside of the car.

"It's about making an impression, saying, 'I'm here. You have to take notice of me.' It's definitely a way of expanding and taking over space, which is a typically masculine way of being.

"It's also about being associated with risk and speed and competition.

"A loud car is definitely more race-y than an ordinary station wagon. In that sense, it's linking them to masculinity rather than anything else."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"It's also related to the relationship between appearance and performance. It's relatively easy to make your car look and perhaps sound like a really souped-up racer, but it's not necessarily performing like one.

"That's much harder to do, and more costly. But if you manage to do both, that's seen as a sign of good craftsmanship skills and ascribed high status amongst the modifiers I spent time with."

Of course, it's not just men nowadays who are modifying their cars, and interestingly enough women tend to do it for the same reasons as the men - to make their cars sound loud and look interesting.

Perhaps we shouldn't rush to tar everyone with a souped-up car that sounds like a truck with the d***head brush, but - then again - there probably are quite a few who just are.

Topics: Science, Interesting, Weird, Cars

Tom Wood
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