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Mind Over Matter: Hindu Bloke Pulls Van Using Just His Manhood

Mind Over Matter: Hindu Bloke Pulls Van Using Just His Manhood

It's unclear whether the vehicle was broken down or the holy man was just showing off, but either way it's impressive...

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

People across the world have displayed incredible feats using the human body. This is seen every four years at the Olympics, where athletes push themselves to their limits to be the fastest or best person on the planet in their respective sport.

There are other people who can test their bodies in peculiar ways. Some might try to see how deep they can swim, how long they can hold their breath, or how long they can survive without any food or water.

Then there is this bloke, who wanted to show everyone at the Magh Mela festival in northern India how far he could pull a van with his penis.


Most blokes would cringe and grab their crotch at the sheer thought of pulling anything with their manhood; however this Hindu holy man didn't seem too fussed about tugging the vehicle along the road.

It's unclear whether the van had broken down, but if it had, it's certainly an interesting way to move it. A lot of people would probably get behind the vehicle and push, but this guy thought standing in front and pulling was better.

The Daily Mail says the gentleman is a sadhu, a group of holy men who spend their lives looking for spiritual enlightenment while having no earthly possessions. They reportedly attempt feats of physical and mental strength to highlight their 'mind over matter' mentality.

While pulling a van with your penis is pretty impressive, it's not nearly as good as using your dick to move a helicopter.

Credit: Asiawire

A rope was tied to the chopper at one end, and the other was wrapped around Ye Hongwei's genitals. It was tough to get started, but after a bit of tugging and pulling, Ye got the wheels rolling.

He managed to move the helicopter over 10 metres, which was two metres longer than his initial target.

After completing the attempt, Ye said: "I don't know why I struggled in the beginning. I felt a bit nervous and unsure. But I mustered up the energy needed and started the helicopter moving."

The feat earned him a certificate from the World Record Academy and he etched his name in the history books.

Would you feature that on your CV? I mean, it is pretty impressive and would show a future employer than you're dedicated to your craft - but might give them more information than they needed to know.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror

Featured Image Credit: PA

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