Man Forgot Where He Parked His Car And Took Two Decades To Find It

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Man Forgot Where He Parked His Car And Took Two Decades To Find It

A man who reported his car stolen in 1997 was finally reunited with his motor and had the realisation that the four wheels were never stolen, he had just forgotten where his vehicle was parked.

Authorities finally managed to track down the missing ride, which was in a garage that was due to be demolished. The car was holding up the plans to demolish the building, so the police sought the owner, who turned out to be the guy who had reported it pinched all those years ago.

It was then it dawned on the man that the car had never been stolen after all, and that he had just completely forgotten where it was parked.


For context, the last time this fella clapped eyes on his car, Bill Clinton was president, an iPhone was still 10 years off and there's a good chance you were still spending your days learning about Henry the Eighth and the times tables.

The 76-year-old man's reunion with his car was short lived, however, because the car was no longer working and had to be scrapped, according to German newspaper Ausberger Allgemein.

Still, at least this man hadn't parked in a spot with double yellows or in an expensive car park, eh? A man from Scotland lost his car in Manchester after attending a Stone Roses gig last year. After looking for five days, he eventually gave up and reported it lost/stolen.


But the car wasn't nicked, and six months later it was found, and it had racked up fines of an estimated £5,000 ($6,600).


Inspector Phil Spurgeon from the Greater Manchester Police City Centre team tweeted: "11.55pm - Officers have found a car in a multi-storey lost since June, driver visiting city parked it but couldn't remember where.

"Driver apparently spent five days searching car parks in the city before reporting as lost/stolen."

He added: "We can't imagine what the ticket machine is going to say when they finally put the ticket in - £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££."

Yup, bad times.


Featured Image Credit: This isn't the old car, sadly the old car was rushed off to the scrap heap so quickly it wasn't photographed. Credit: PA

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