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​Russian Sex Instructor Caught 'Running Illegal £1,000 Sex Course' In Thailand

​Russian Sex Instructor Caught 'Running Illegal £1,000 Sex Course' In Thailand

Participants apparently paid 45,000 baht (around £1,000/$1,370) for a place on the four-day course

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Russian sex instructor Alexander Kirillov has been caught running an explicit four-day sex course in Thailand, which reportedly featured public sex acts.

Kirillov - also known as Alex Lesley - was apparently running the event in a hotel conference room in Pattaya, Thailand, last week.

The Mirror reports that participants apparently paid 45,000 baht (around £1,000/$1,370) for a place on the four-day course, which featured nudity and even public sex acts.

One session, which was being held at an Ibis conference room, was raided on Sunday night, as hotel staff had grown suspicious. Police officers are also said to have received intelligence from Russian authorities, who had been in contact with one of the women attending the course.

Police Colonel Apichai Krobpetch - who is the head of Pattaya Police - has said that the case is still under investigation, and that officers are working with Russian officials.

He said: "The police force intervened while this illegal class was taking place and it is still under investigation. It seems to be a cult of some kind in Russia.

"It is an offence for a foreigner to come and live and work in the Kingdom of Thailand without permission. After the prosecution is completed, the offenders will be removed from the country. "

Police seized explicit images from one of the participant's phones, in one of which Kirilloc could be seen standing over a brunette lying face down, with her dress pulled up. Another showed what looked like Kirillov whipping a woman with a leather belt as she lay on the floor.

Viral Press

Other photos also reveal a man grabbing a woman's genitals as she leans against a flip board.

Kirillov - who reportedly has links to the Kremlin - was one of ten instructors to be arrested. Officers charged one with overstaying in Thailand and another three with unlawful entry into the kitchen, while the rest were arrested for working without work permits.

They are all being deported, and have been barred from entering the country again.

It is believed that Kirillov was not only the organiser of course, which was promoted on his website, but that the female instructors also included his girlfriend Anastasiya Vashukevich.

The other female instructors were Mariia Zharkova and Diana Simuk, and the male instructors were Andrei Zheshka, Vadim Nexhotsa, Ivan Petrov, Anton Fabritsy, Denis Kozlov and Ihar Kucharavenka.

33 attendees found at the event were also reportedly sent home, but were not asked to give their details.

Featured Image Credit: Viral Press

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