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People Online Are Baffled By Gymnast's Incredibly Difficult New Viral Challenge

People Online Are Baffled By Gymnast's Incredibly Difficult New Viral Challenge

A gymnast has left folk in a state of confusion after starting a new online 'challenge' that everyone else is really struggling to do.

Yep, that's right, every now and then a new challenge sweeps through the internet, who could forget the cinnamon challenge, or the ice bucket challenge?

Well, this one was started by an incredibly trained gymnast, so there's every chance that you won't be able to do it.


It's called the 'New Flex challenge' and it was created by Jax Kranitz. Since she shared her video online it's been viewed more than a quarter of a million views.

So, if you want to be a part of it, here's now to do it.

Basically, you lie down flat on the floor with your legs straight and your hands behind your back. Then, you've got to try to stand up by bringing your legs out far enough to get up onto your feet without taking your hands from behind your back.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

It definitely isn't.

She shared her efforts on Instagram with the caption: "New flex challenge??? Tag a friend that you think can do this."

Know anyone who is able to do this? Know anyone who could even be arsed enough to try?


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Didn't think so.

I really looks like it hurts. It's not obviously clear whether a human should be able to move their legs like that.


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She seems fine with it, though.

Since she shared the video, her 80,000 or so followers have been registering their surprise at the level of flexibility that she has.


One person wrote: "Just saw this on TikTok. You're a beast. I can hardly touch my toes,"

Another said: "You're like an All American Gymnast tho! I ain't blessed like that."

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Yeah, it's probably a damn sight easier to do stuff like this if you're a lithe young gymnast. The rest of us don't really stand a chance.


Another of Jax's Instagram followers offered: "I'd die if I tried this."

Slight overreaction, there. It looks painful, but it surely can't be that bad.

A fourth person added: "Anyone that understands anatomy knows this is possible but rare. The human body is amazing."

Yep, it sure is.

Anyway, if you can do this, you're probably some sort of athlete, so fair play to you. As for the rest of us, we'll have to stick to the kinds of challenges that we can actually accomplish.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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