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Shoplifter Apologises For Nicking Chocolate Bars Over 40 Years Ago

Shoplifter Apologises For Nicking Chocolate Bars Over 40 Years Ago

A brazen criminal who spent over 40 years on the lam has attempted to atone for his crimes with a letter to his victims.

Alright, I might have laid it on a bit thick there; a man who stole a couple of chocolate bars from Woolworths in the 70s has offered up some cash and wrote a letter of apology to the shopping centre he whizzed the sweets from. Quite nice that, isn't it?


Management at Belle Vale Shopping Centre in Liverpool were shocked to receive the hand-written note, plus some money, by way of an apology for the theft all those years ago. Anyone else really want to know what type of chocolate bar it was?

In the letter, the one-time criminal mastermind explains that he nicked a couple of chocolate bars way back in 1975 because he 'didn't know any better', apologising and enclosing a fiver to cover the cost - well, you've got to consider inflation, haven't you?

The note reads: "Dear Sir, I stole two bars of chocolate from Woolworths in your shopping centre in 1975, when I was a little boy.



"I apologise. I didn't know any better. Here's the money I owe you for them."

Let's hope the poor fella sleeps better tonight knowing he's cleared his conscience, eh?

A spokesperson from the shopping centre told the Liverpool Echo: "In a time of division, it is great to see an act of kindness that restores faith in humanity.

"Belle Vale Shopping Centre wants to thank the sender and acknowledge his apology. It is a positive message that is worth sharing to encourage all to be kind."

As Woolworths is no longer at the shopping centre, staff at Belle Vale Shopping Centre told the paper that they would be donating the money to Zoe's Place - a hospice for babies.

They also shared the note on Twitter where the thanked the sender for 'restoring faith in humanity'.

Who sent the note we do not know, but let's hope he's put his criminal past behind him.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Belle Valle Shopping Centre

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