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Stylist Receives Backlash After Charging $1,950 For Haircut

Stylist Receives Backlash After Charging $1,950 For Haircut

Jasmine Policarpo charged $150 per hour for the cut and colour

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A hairdresser has been criticised after she charged a client $1,950 (£1,400) for a cut and colour change. Can't believe that? Check out the video below.

Stylist Jasmine Policarpo posted the above video on TikTok account @byprado_, talking about how she charged the eye-watering amount for a relatively simple appointment.

Needless to say, people have opened fire on her, with one even claiming that the haircut is akin to 'a down payment on a car'.

Hell, if you're not fussy you can probably get a whole car for less than that amount.

Policarpo shared the video last Thursday, and was seemingly ready for the backlash that she was going to receive, as she said: "I did not think my last post was going to make so many people mad with how much I charge, but I think this one's going to make you madder."

Here's the before.

Of course, it's skilled work. She took a good while to turn her client from a brunette to a blonde, and by the end of it the woman also had lovely wavy hair when previously it was straight.

No one is here to say that she's not clearly very talented. It's just a lot of money for a haircut, isn't it?

The prices are itemised as she goes along, and she reveals that the woman in the video was charged $150 (£110) per hour for a process that took around 13 hours from start to finish, which means that the final bill was just shy of $2,000 (£1,440).

If you have a look through the comments, it's fair to say that Policarpo was correct in her assumption that people watching the video might get a bit vexed by her price list.

Here's the process in action.

Because, right on cue, that's exactly what they did.

One person wrote: "The new iPhone cost less."

Others said their hairstylists could do the same work in much less time, and with better quality.

One such comment read: "Could easily be done in 5-7 hours."

Another person wrote: "I got the same and even better for 300."

The finished product.

Other comments have defended Policarpo, pointing out that she doesn't lie about her prices, and if someone is willing to do it cheaper and better, why not go to them?

One person wrote: "None of you are the one in her chair! If her guest is fine paying her prices then why are all of you losing it? This is a gorgeous hair transformation."

Since the video was shared it has been viewed 1.4 million times and received nearly 170,000 likes.

No publicity is bad publicity, right?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@byprado_

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