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Teenager Spends £1000 A Month On Mission To Look Like Real-Life Barbie

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Teenager Spends £1000 A Month On Mission To Look Like Real-Life Barbie

An 18-year-old woman is spending £1000 of her parents' money every month in an attempt to become a human Barbie doll. Meanwhile, my parents won't even lend me a tenner until payday.


Gabriela Jirackova, from Prague, relies on her parents' generous donations to fund her transformation, forking out for lip fillers, extensions and semi-permanent make-up to give her the real-life dolly look, which she says makes her feel 'sexier'.

She began her 'make-over' when she was 16 and has recently had a breast enlargement costing £3,2000, taking her for a C-cup to a G. The surgery has seemingly given her a taste for it, as she says she's now planning on having rib removal, butt implants and even bigger boob implants to help her achieve her dream 'Barbie'-look.

Credit: Barcroft
Credit: Barcroft

As well as wanting to look like one, Gabriela also collects the dolls and says she has over 300 different ones.

Speaking to Barcroft Media, she said: "I was inspired by other real-life Barbies and also my Barbie dolls. I had plenty of them as a kid. When I saw the real-life Barbies I thought that it was something for me. I have always wanted to stand out and thought this would suit me.

"I don't believe in a natural look. I think there is hardly anything natural today.


"I spend three and a half hours everyday getting ready. This lifestyle isn't easy at all. Maintaining my image is difficult in all its aspects, financially, physically and mentally too.

As a young teen before undergoing her Barbie transformation. Credit: Barcroft
As a young teen before undergoing her Barbie transformation. Credit: Barcroft

"There is a great pressure on me from the media, my fans, the haters, from everybody."

Despite what you're probably thinking, Gabriela says she's never been unhappy with her looks, adding that just because she likes 'artificial beauty' it doesn't mean she's ever suffered with low self-esteem. However, she did she feels sexier now and is 'definitely happier with bigger breasts'.


Her mum Romana, 53, who helps pay for her daughter's treatments, said: "She'd been slowly preparing us for it but we hadn't realised how serious she was.

"I am worried about her health no doubt about that, but how far she will go with it is her choice and I respect it.

"I think that she is naturally pretty and even if she has some cosmetic procedures done I would respect that.

Credit: Barcroft
Credit: Barcroft

"She'll always be pretty; it's always going to be her. What's important is that she is going to be happy and fulfil her dream."

Gabriela, who has a huge social media following due to her look, is also quick to defend herself against anyone who claims she sets a bad example, saying: "I believe I'm a much better example than the majority of other celebrities, who do drugs, change their partners, or even get involved in scandals. Those kids watch all of that and their parents don't mind.

"On the contrary I have been always encouraging others to do what they want to do themselves and what they want to become. That's the message I always spread."

Featured Image Credit: Barcroft

Topics: Viral, Cosmetic Surgery

Claire Reid
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