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Two Kids Go Through McDonald's Drive-Thru In Little Tykes Toy Cars

Two Kids Go Through McDonald's Drive-Thru In Little Tykes Toy Cars

It's a bold strategy, but it paid off

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Hilarious video footage shows the moment two kids managed to get their hands on their first McDonald's meal in months by 'driving' their toy cars through the drive-thru. Check it out - it's pretty funny.

After discovering the fast food chain had started dishing out food again, 13-year-old Danielle Martin set about getting her mum to take her to the drive-thru at the nearest branch to their home in Cambridgeshire.

Initially, her mum Taz refused to take her because she believed - probably rightly - that the queues would be 'ridiculous', but as Danielle persisted, she finally got her way.

When Danielle struck upon the idea of texting her mum a picture of a 'Little Tykes' toy car, Taz got hold of two, and told her that she and her sister - nine-year-old Teigan - could go off and get their own McDonald's in their 'cars'.

So, off they went.


In the video filmed on Wednesday evening, you can clearly see the pair making their way through the drive-thru lane in their ridiculous vehicles, before pushing the order button and trying to collect their order.

It was raining as well, so not only were the cars a whole load too small for them, they were also getting wet.

That's some impressive dedication to getting a Maccies.

In the end they actually did manage to pick up their food, and returned home with a Big Mac meal for Danielle, and a Happy Meal for Teigan.

Taz, who was watching from a safe distance in her car behind them, said: "It was so funny - all the staff came to the window and were laughing.

"In the video, you can see Teigan kind of flip her car over on its side.

"I didn't think they were actually going to go through with it, but they've been trying for ages to find a McDonald's near us that is open.

"We went at about 9.30 in the evening, so it wasn't so busy."


She added: "They were ever so happy when they finally got their meals. They're asking me already if they can go back.

"We got their meals for free in the end, because the staff botched their orders. So I had to go back round again in my car to pick up the right order."

Taz borrowed the toy cars from her childminder, but she's now had to given them back.

Watch this space too - Taz added: "We'll have to think of something different for when I take them to KFC!"

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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