Vegan Bodybuilder And YouTuber Says He 'Wants To Kill Meat Eaters'

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Vegan Bodybuilder And YouTuber Says He 'Wants To Kill Meat Eaters'

In the 21st century, society appears to have divided into two groups: vegans and meat eaters. And by society I mean the Internet because that is where I spend almost all of my time.

On the one side of society you have vegans who are notorious among meat eaters for telling people how they should live their lives. On the other you have meat eaters who are notorious among vegans for knowing only two words beginning with 'b' and rhyming with 'hut facon'.

Personally, I couldn't give two shits about what anybody else puts into their body, that's their choice. Contrary to some people's musings, most (if not all of us at Lad Bible), are not vegans. And even if we were all part of a vegan tribe of pulse lovers, it's not really much of a deal.For my part, let me eat a steak when I want a steak and salad when I want a salad. It's the only way to remain stress free on the Internet, I'm telling you.


Someone who does appear to take veganism to its extreme is bodybuilder and YouTuber Richard Burgess (above), otherwise known by his 200,000 subscribers as Vegan Gains.

The guy is in great shape, there's no doubt about that. He's also got himself to that position by eating vegan-only foods.

The thing that worries me about this guy is that he has 200,000 subscribers and is spouting some seriously unhinged rubbish to them via his YouTube. As a potential influencer, this shit is seriously dangerous.


Burgess, from Canada, has previously revelled in the fact a fellow YouTuber was diagnosed with cancer and blames meat for the death of his grandfather.

In one video he says: "Meat is bad for your health, bad for the environment and it causes the suffering and death of animals. And your logic behind eating meat is 'bacon though'.

"So it's OK to cause suffering and death as long as you get a personal pleasure and satisfaction out of it.

"But it's not OK for me to kill people even though I'd get personal pleasure and satisfaction out of it. That doesn't really seem fair does it."


He also talks openly about hurting children.

"I fucking hate children. When I see babies in a commercial I start to gag and almost throw up. I have to look away and mute it.

"When I see babies in a stroller, especially when they're crying, I want to put my foot through the fucking thing and step on it until it's nothing but blood and pulp on the fucking pavement."


You can watch some of his other threats in the video below but it's disturbing as hell...

Burgess claims his comments are purely to stir up controversy and drive up views and also says people should absolutely not take him seriously.

He says he has absolutely no intention of killing anyone and that his dark sense of humour is purely a way of venting when he's pissed off.


Word of advice, mate, just don't fucking say it in the first place.

Vegan or meat eater, I think we can all agree this guy needs to find another way to go about his business.

Words by George Pavlou

Images via News Dog Media

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