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Walmart Bans Woman Who Rode Cart While Drinking Wine From Pringles Tube

Walmart Bans Woman Who Rode Cart While Drinking Wine From Pringles Tube

The woman was reportedly riding an electric cart in the parking lot of Walmart in Wichita Falls, Texas

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Shopping trolleys were always fun little things, weren't they? They had the ability to provide hours of entertainment, unless of course you were the poor soul inside being spun around, unable to do anything about your situation.

So, maybe this woman was just reliving her own youth when she was reportedly seen riding an electric cart around a Walmart parking lot in Wichita Falls, Texas.

The only difference was that she added a bit more 'maturity' to the experience as she was drinking wine from a Pringles tube as well.

The woman has now been banned from Walmart after police were rung.

Things went a step further however, because the police were called to the store at around 9am on Friday after the woman had reportedly been drinking the wine for several hours.

According to Complex, authorities eventually located the woman at a restaurant close by and told her she was forbidden from the Walmart.

Officer Jeff Hughes, a Wichita Falls police department spokesperson, said police were told by dispatchers that they were looking for a woman wearing a blue jacket and black pants.

The Mirror reported that officers were told that the woman was riding on an electric shopping cart and was drinking wine from a Pringles can.

Hughes said police were told she had been riding around in the store's car park since 6:30am while drinking alcohol from the crisps tube.

The case has caused mayhem on Twitter with people's main concern being the flavour of Pringles that the wine would have undoubtedly been infused with.

Another said: "I hear sour cream & onion pair nicely with Boone's Farm".

Someone else added: "My money is on Strawberry Hill Boones Farm and Cheddar Cheese Pringles. It would seriously complete this story."

And this person wondered: "I want to know if she took the Pringles out before she poured the wine in".

Others are questioning the clarity of the offence committed by the unnamed woman.

One said: "Drinking wine from a Pringles can should not be a crime".

And another made a good point when they suggested that she may have broken her wine glass, adding: "Since when is innovation a crime?"

Featured Image Credit: PA

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