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Woman Finds 'Creepy' Doomsday Message Behind Wallpaper

Woman Finds 'Creepy' Doomsday Message Behind Wallpaper

She made the unusual discovery when stripping the walls of her new home

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A woman was left feeling 'edgy' after discovering a doomsday message hidden behind layers of wallpaper in her 150-year-old house. You can see the discovery here:

Comedian and TikTok user @loubobang shared a clip showing what was written behind the old paper hanging on the walls of her Georgian home.

In the video, she explains she'd been scraping away through all the old layers of paper, when she came across a doomsday warning - that happened to be a significant date.

Showing off the walls, complete with weird message, she said: "I'm not easily unsettled. I don't mind hauntings, cellars, cupboards, whatever, I'll deal with it.

"But today is the first time I did feel a little bit edgy and that's because I've been stripping this wallpaper.

"There's about five layers of it before you get back to the original plaster. And as I was scraping I uncovered some writing and I thought, 'I wonder what that says'.


"I scraped away some more and revealed 'September 10th, doomsday'.

"The reason that's freaked out is because September 10th is my f***ing birthday and this is all just getting a little bit weird now."

After sharing the clip it became pretty clear that Lou isn't the only person to be left feeling uncomfortable with the hidden message.

One person wrote: "Yeah, I think I'm freaked out, too."

Another said: "Blooming 'eck. Is it too late to move again?"


While a third said: "OK, sell house, move far away, change name, it should be fine."

Another joked: "The person that chose the flowered wallpaper is capable of anything."

Lou went on to say she had attempted to look up the date, but couldn't find any more information.

She explained: "I genuinely am so confused. I've looked it up trying to see if that day was a prediction, which would make it less creepy, but I can't find it."


Earlier this week, another homeowner uncovered a message while attempting to redecorate.

Karl Murphy was taken back in time after stripping the wallpaper in his daughter's new bedroom only to find a poem scrawled on the wall.

After peeling back the paper of their new home in Lancashire, the family found the message which read: "I am here, you are there, separated by time alone. What's it like in the future?

"Or am I the past? The only answer to that - you are my future, I am your past.

"I wish you good day 1975 Eileen Walmsley."

And, thanks to the power of social media, Karl was even able to track down the woman who wrote the message who said she was 'very happy they discovered it'.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@Loubobang

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