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Woman Shares Hilarious Attempt To Hide Her Amazon Delivery

Woman Shares Hilarious Attempt To Hide Her Amazon Delivery

A woman's tweet about how her Amazon delivery was 'hidden' outside her house has gone viral, and sparked others to share their hilarious delivery failure stories.

So, now that the complete lockdown is over - for now, at least - people are finally starting to get back to the normality of missing online shopping deliveries once again.

That means that packages are starting to be left outside people's houses again, and one Amazon driver really went above and beyond to ensure that the package was safely concealed from covetous eyes.

Actually, not really. He simply left it outside the house and covered it with a handful of gravel from the garden.


Yep, that should do the trick.

As you can see, it's not a great job, all things considered.

The photograph was shared by Twitter user Danielle McPherson, who captioned it: "Thanks Amazon for hiding my parcel,"


Since it was shared, the tweet has been liked more than 440,000 times, retweeted more than 50,000 times, and received 1,600 comments.

It would seem as if this is something of a common problem, too.

Many of the comments featured people who had their own experiences of poor delivery concealment to share.

Some people had seen their packages stuck right outside their house on a main road - right where an opportunistic thief could make off with it.


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Another remembered an incident from 2015 when a Yodel delivery had somehow managed to end up on the roof, complete with a missed delivery slip to explain that it had been put up on the roof.

They probably should have left another note explaining how they managed to chuck it up there, and - more importantly - why.


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At least that one was safe, though.

Another shared their experience of Amazon Australia simply shoving a load of large parcels underneath a doormat.

Now, that would be great if it was a flat, slim package. As you can see, it ain't.


Perhaps the best of all is one story in which a package was marked as 'handed to a receptionist'.

The package was then marked as 'Signed by: Wheelie Bin'.

Yes, they shoved it in the bin.

Either way, it's easy to be harsh on the poor old delivery drivers, but let's remember that it's all a bit of fun.

After all, we could just go to the shops and buy something ourselves, or actually remain home when there is a delivery expected.

Before too long, we may not have to worry about this again.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Danielle McPherson

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