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Woman Thinks Car Crash On Way To Ex's House Is A Sign From The Universe

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Woman Thinks Car Crash On Way To Ex's House Is A Sign From The Universe

A woman who crashed her car while en route to hook up with an ex-boyfriend believes the chance accident was a sign that she shouldn't have been rekindling the old relationship.

Twenty-one-year-old Chloé Langton was driving her Ford Fiesta last week on the way to meet up - and more besides - with her ex.

However, on the way she got into a road traffic collision and ended up not going.

Basically, she rear-ended another car on a roundabout.


You can - and there's no doubt that you will - add in your own incredibly witty jokes there.

Credit: Deadline News
Credit: Deadline News

The financial administrator from Hinckley, Lincolnshire, shared a photograph of her car having undergone some pretty severe trauma.

The £6,000 car had a sizeable dent in the front of it - pretty consistent with ramming into the back of another driver while trying to navigate a roundabout, really.


On her Twitter account, she said: "Started driving to my ex's house to s**g him and ended up crashing my car.

"That's one way for the universe to tell me I'm making a mistake."

Well, if you go in for that sort of stuff, sure.

Talking after the fact, Chloé continued: "When I was driving on Saturday afternoon, someone was coming round a roundabout in the lane to the left to come off but they then carried on straight instead.


"There was a car in front of me that went to pull out but then had to brake due to the t*** in the wrong lane, and when he slammed his brakes on I then went into the back of him."

Credit: Deadline News
Credit: Deadline News

Naturally, this sort of thing has gone down a storm online. A lot of people have piped up to offer their own witticisms and hilarious takes on Chloé's unfortunate incident.

One person said: "Least you weren't rear-ended."


Fair play to her, Chloé responded: "Well that was the original plan."

Too easy, really.

Credit: Deadline News
Credit: Deadline News

Another online wag commented: "At least something got f***ed today."


Again, way too easy. Come on guys, we're better than this.

Despite all of the top-level comedy flying about, some people genuinely believe that this whole thing is an act of fate played out between two drivers on a Lincolnshire road.

Well, stranger things have happened, right?

Credit: Deadline News
Credit: Deadline News

One glassy-eyed Twitter user offered: "The universe works in mysterious ways."

It certainly does.

Whether or not you believe this is an act of fate or an inevitable fact of life on the roads, you've got to admit it's pretty funny.

Featured Image Credit: Deadline News

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Tom Wood
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