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Woman Told To 'Go Right To Jail' After Rinsing Chocolate Off Kit Kat

Woman Told To 'Go Right To Jail' After Rinsing Chocolate Off Kit Kat

The clip has infuriated chocolate-lovers

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A woman's completely bizarre technique of eating a Kit Kat has lead to calls for her to be 'sentenced to life' in prison, and if you think that sounds heavy handed, then check out the clip:

Now, we all know there's really only one way to eat a Kit Kat - by breaking into two and eating one bar at a time and anyone who just bites right into it needs to have a stern word with themselves.

But this woman has caused major backlash after uploading the joke video to TikTok.

In the clip, the woman uses the audio from an earlier clip of a woman washing the chocolate of Mikado sticks (which is just as unforgivable if you ask me) which explains that she finds the treat 'way too sweet' so she likes to rinse all the chocolate off under the tap.

In the clip she explains: "My boyfriend gave me these as a present.

"But the chocolate on them is way too sweet.

"So I wash it under hot water and you have a way healthier, delicious alternative."

As the audio plays, a hand can been seen washing away the chocolate from the Kit Kat to reveal the now very damp wafer underneath.


Delicious, eh?

As you may have guessed, the clip didn't go down well with chocolate-lovers, with one person asking: "Honestly, who hurt you?"

Someone else wrote: "Right to jail."

Another said: "You should be sentenced to life with no chance of parole."

Following the influx of condemnation the woman who posted the clip explained: "It's a parody! Don't take it serious."

Last month, another TikTok user shared a slightly baffling 'heathy' alternative for cooking mince.

TikToker Emily Harper (@eemilydharperr) shared her unusual 'tip', explaining: "Let me show you what I learned in nutrition a couple years ago."

In the clip, she puts ground beef into a frying pan and breaks it up with a spatula and leaving it to cook.

"All this grease is disgusting," Harper says as the beef browns, moving it around in the pain to show the fatty liquid surrounding the meat.

"So get rid of it!"

Harper then pours the mince into a sieve in the sink, before running it under the tap to rinse it.

Shaking off the excess water, she then pours the beef mince back into the original pan, saying: "Look at the difference."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jlefox92

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