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Woman's Graduation Video Upstaged By Hilarious Text From Brother's Friend

Tom Wood

| Last updated 

Woman's Graduation Video Upstaged By Hilarious Text From Brother's Friend

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News & Media

A woman who asked her brother to film her university graduation ceremony got significantly more than she bargained for when his screen recording revealed something unexpected about one of his mates. Check it out, you won't regret it.


So, Tabbi Reed had waited a full year to graduate from her philosophy degree at Cambridge University.

It was set to be one of the biggest days of her entire life, and the culmination of years of hard work and study.

With that in mind, she wanted to get herself a permanent reminder of the day to keep with her to show to people and of course, as a monument to her academic endeavours.

However, when the 22-year-old asked her brother Ed to record the ceremony on his phone, as family and friends are still not allowed into Churchill College in person, his friend decided to text him something very personal, and it flashing up on the screen.

Here's that fateful message. Credit: Kennedy News & Media
Here's that fateful message. Credit: Kennedy News & Media

"Ed, I s**t myself again", it read.

Now, at any time during the ceremony this might have been unwelcome, but it happened to come through and appear at the top of the screen right as Tabbi was walking up to the stage to receive her diploma.

That is seriously unfortunate.

Luckily, Tabbi can see the funny side of it. Oh, and his mate hadn't actually soiled himself.

Tabbi explained: "Family and friends couldn't go inside the senate house for the ceremony because it's quite a small building.

"Ed is on a year abroad in The Netherlands so I knew he would be watching anyway and asked him to screen record it for me.

"I just found it so funny. The recording came over the next morning when I was quite hungover. I showed it to my mum and we just burst out laughing.

"Sam and Ed are best friends. He hadn't actually pooed himself, it was just a funny text between the two of them."

Sam and Ed. Credit: Kennedy News & Media
Sam and Ed. Credit: Kennedy News & Media

She continued: "This is pretty standard fayre between the two of them. The message could have said anything. After seeing the recording I think they're both quite pleased with themselves.

"Everyone came and met us before so we could get pictures but they had to wait outside for the ceremony unfortunately as the building is quite small.

"Fortunately I had also asked my mum to record it just in case so I do have a normal version too. Lots of sweet people in the comments section gave me ideas of how to edit it and fix it.

"I was meant to graduate in July 2020 but because of Covid it was pushed back to this year. I absolutely loved my time at Churchill.

"A lot of the people on TikTok seemed to be more focussed on the actual graduation itself rather than the text.

"There were lots asking why it was dubbed in Latin when that's what the graduation is read out in. Others were comparing the hall to Hogwarts."

At least the graduation was a success. Credit: Kennedy News & Media
At least the graduation was a success. Credit: Kennedy News & Media

It later came out that Ed had prompted Sam to interrupt the recording with a rude message, but had no idea that it would go viral in the way that it has.

He said: "I knew Ed was recording the graduation as he had Facetimed me before it started asking me to send a weird message.

"I sent that over when he prompted me. It was only meant to be a little prank. I thought it was pretty funny but never expected it to go as viral as it has."

Since the video was shared, it has been viewed more than 1.1 million times.

One person commented: "Are they [Sam] ok though? Like did someone get them an Imodium?"

Another said: "Am I the only one who's worried about Sam?"

A third added: "OMG, do not disturb always. Congratulations, I'm so jealous of how gorgeous your ceremony was."

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Tom Wood
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