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Women Who Work Night Security Notice Bizarre Figure Coming Towards Them At Midnight

Claire Reid

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Women Who Work Night Security Notice Bizarre Figure Coming Towards Them At Midnight

A woman working night security has filmed a creepy, shadowy figure walking towards her and her co-worker at midnight. Check out the weird incident here:


Posting on TikTok, the woman wrote: "When we work night security 8pm to 8am and we see something coming at us at midnight."

In the clip, a dark figure can be seen walking towards the camera, as a woman can be heard asking: "What the hell is that?" It cuts out before we get a good view of the figure, but let me tell you, it's a huge nope from me.


Fellow TikTok users have been left seriously creeped out by whatever is going on in the clip, with one person writing: "I would have quit on the spot if I saw that."

Another wrote: "That's not a person, that's whole ghost."

A third joked: "Ergh I'm sorry - my pet demon got out last night."

Others suggested it was a man in a ghillie suit, which really just raises more questions than anything.

Credit: TikTok/@rananas007
Credit: TikTok/@rananas007

In a second clip, the pair re-visited the spot and, once again, saw the same shadowy figure advancing towards them.

Commenting on the newer clip, several TikToker offered advice on what she could do.

One person suggested: "Next time rev your engine, like you're going to run it over, if it starts running it's a human, if it don't then you need to run."


While another recommended going one step further, writing: "Run it over. If it passes through that means it's a ghost and it can't hurt you. If it goes thump thump it can't hurt you now."

Personally, I'd quit the job, move far away and never go back - but each to their own.

While the woman in the clip above is currently undecided about what the bizarre entity may be, another TikTok user reckons she has captured proof of a ghost during a virtual house viewing.

Sarah Vanderbilt was looking around a potential new place to live and begins with the kitchen area, before she shows a view onto a terrace and then moves into the main bedroom.

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

As Sarah was looking through the rooms, she spotted someone lying on the bed in the bedroom.

The Google Street View style tour moved into the room and the figure just disappeared.

Spooky, eh?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@rananas007

Topics: Ghost, Weird, TikTok

Claire Reid
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