Woman Offended By 'Really Unpleasant' Secret Santa Gift From Colleague

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Woman Offended By 'Really Unpleasant' Secret Santa Gift From Colleague

A mum was angered after she received what she deemed to be an inappropriate Secret Santa gift by one of her work colleagues.

Of course, Secret Santa is sort of supposed to be crap, that’s why it’s so funny.

You stick an arbitrary – usually low – price limit on gifts, then see how much fun you can have at your friend or colleague’s expense.

However, there are still rules, particularly when it is being staged in the workplace.


On this occasion, it seems as if one anonymous colleague overstepped the mark.

At least they can’t get in trouble, because no-one knows who they are... Or can they?

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

The colleague in question purchased an adult colouring book for their workmate - the angry mum - and she was definitely not happy about it.


Of course, adult colouring books – whilst slightly infantile – are a harmless and popular way to pass the time.

That being said, there are some things in this one that might offend someone.

Firstly, it was called ‘Go F***k Yourself, I’m Colouring’.

Secondly, it contained some particularly crass language as well as misogynistic terms, and came across very badly to the intended receiver.


Writing on Mumsnet, the person who got given this ‘really unpleasant’ gift wrote: "I like a robust swear and I have a job that can very much cause stress but I finally looked at it properly today and a lot of the words to colour are not swear words per se but really, really unpleasant misogynistic, sexual slurs and terms that I associate with pornography not swearing.

"I have actually found myself quite offended that someone thought this was an appropriate gift for a fifty-year-old female colleague in a professional environment.

"My quandary is whether I should say something to the group or just hide it in the recycling and forget about it?"

In the book, there were pages for colouring in a multitude of words such as ‘idiot’, ‘slut’ and more sexual insults.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, other users thought that the gift idea was wide of the mark, too.

One said: "This is so grossly inappropriate for the workplace and so sickly misogynistic that I couldn't let it stand."

However, some thought it was harmless enough.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

Another person commented: "Well I work in a professional environment and got the very same book last year. I personally found it funny and gave it to my husband.

"It was obviously given in the spirit of a bit of fun, no matter how many pearl clutchers are here.

"As for all the people saying go to HR I'd suggest take that huge stick out of your arse. There is no better way to exclude yourself from your team and gaming a grudge down this path."

A third person said: "I would absolutely take this to HR. If it was an honest mistake, then they can apologise and learn to be more careful."

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