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When Is Sex/Life Season 2 Coming Out?

When Is Sex/Life Season 2 Coming Out?

More steamy scenes from Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi incoming as season two gets the go-ahead.

Bethan McConnell

Bethan McConnell

The steamy Netflix drama series Sex/Life has officially been renewed for season two - so when is it coming out? Here's everything we know.

Sex/Life plot: What is Sex/Life about?

Inspired by B.B. Easton's novel 44 Chapters About 4 Men, Sex/Life has more heat than Gordon Ramsay's kitchen, with plenty of x-rated sex scenes between two of the stars (who are actually dating in real life).

The show centres around Billie Connelly (Sarah Shahi), as a housewife and mother of two. She yearns for the wild and exciting life that she once had with her ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos), contrasting heavily to her husband Cooper and the woman she has now become.

Sex/Life season 1 (

Her spouse, Cooper Connelly, is played by Mike Vogel, a straight-laced husband who works in banking. Billie's ex-boyfriend comes back into her life, looking to try and win her back.

With such an interesting past, and the fact that her ex is a famous music producer, why wouldn't she be tempted?

The plot focuses on the idea that people often reminisce about a nostalgic past, wondering what would be different if the past was changed. Although not everyone gets this opportunity, main character Billie is certainly aware of this pressure.

She's in a relationship without a spark or sex life, something that many viewers will be able to relate to on some level. What if you stayed with an old ex-boyfriend? What if you changed the subjects you studied at school? What if your dream life quietly slipped through your fingers, without you even realising it?

Sex/Life season 2 release date

Sex/Life season two was officially confirmed by Netflix on 27th September 2021. Netflix hasn't hinted at a release date yet, but our guesses are the next instalment of Billie and Brad's escapades will land in late 2022.

Who will be in the cast of Sex/Life two?

Season one spoiler alert: Season one ends with a few loose ends to tie up for the main characters. In the final episode, Billie gets her life back on track with Cooper, but then at the end we see her sneaking off to Brad's apartment for some x-rated fun and Cooper sees where she's gone on a tracking app on his phone. So, it's clear there's more to tell with these characters in season two and we're all keen to see how Billie's best friend Sasha's life turns out as well.

That said, all of season one's main characters are expected to return: Billie Connelly (Sarah Shahi), Cooper Connelly (Mike Vogel), Brad Simon (Adam Demos) and Sasha Snow (Margaret Odette).

As for anybody else, we'll have to wait and see.

Sex/Life season two trailer

As the news of a second season has not long been announced, there isn't a trailer yet. We'll let you know as soon as one arrives.

The trailer for the first season of Sex/Life amassed over three million views on Youtube ahead of its release.

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