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Britain's Got Talent Fans 'Expose' Marc Spelmann's Act

Britain's Got Talent Fans 'Expose' Marc Spelmann's Act

The magician wowed the talent show judges, but viewers thought they'd worked out his clever performance.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Britain's Got Talent viewers are convinced that they've worked out the magic behind one of the acts, following their performance during the live semi-finals:

People watching BGT at home seemed to think they had spotted a huge clue as to how Marc Spelmann wowed the judges with his incredible magic skills.

Loads of fans flocked to social media during the act, claiming that the magician's daughter's voice had been 'dubbed'.

The 46-year-old from London asked the judges to pick out an 'incredible human being' from a book, with Alesha Dixon choosing Ghandi.

And, just like with his first audition, Marc played pre-recorded footage of his daughter, Isabella, telling the audience that he'd been painting a picture of Ghandi years ago.

The magician then revealed the picture of Ghandi to the screens on stage, which then transformed into John Lennon when Amanda Holden said his name.

While the studio audience, Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Alesha and Amanda were blown away by his super powers of prediction, others at home weren't so wowed.

Instead, viewers claimed that they'd worked out the magic behind his act on Twitter.

One person slammed: "I disagree Marc should have got through. Inspirational and clever certainly but his little girl's 'voice' was so obviously dubbed. More obvious than the first round."

"Marc Spelmann on #BGT wasn't even that good so obvious how he did it all and yet people think he was amazing," hit out a second.

"If that sh*t wins i'm not watching next year, f*cking sob story and clearly dubbed voiceover #BGT," blasted a third.

While a fourth declared: "Why not drop the dubbed's very obviously dubbed and doesn't really add much to the act anyway....would still be a good trick without it. #bgt #BritainsGotTalent #BGTSemiFinal #BGTSemiFinals #bgt2018."

If you watch the video closely you can even see a little eye roll from Alesha, so maybe she wasn't so won over, either...

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Britain's Got Talent

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