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Are Chris Evans And Selena Gomez Dating?

Are Chris Evans And Selena Gomez Dating?

Fans are convinced they've got evidence the two are dating.

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

Eagle eyed fans are convinced they've found evidence that Chris Evans and Selena Gomez are dating.

The Captain America star is the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the new Disney Pixar movie Lightyear, but the dating rumours suggest this isn't his only tie to Disney; Selena Gomez's career was, afterall, launched on the channel with her role in Wizards of Waverly Place.

Are Chris Evans and Selena Gomez Dating?

Rumours that there is a romance between Chris Evans, 40, and Selena Gomez, 29, started earlier this month, when they were reportedly seen hanging out together at a restaurant. On top of that, Evans and Gomez started following each other on Instagram.

Now fans think they've got proof that they're an item after Evans posted a video on his Instagram story of him playing the piano and Gomez has supposedly been seen in the background.

The video was posted on 26th October and some think they can see a woman's short brunette hair in the reflection of the piano, which is how Gomez recently styled hers.

Luckily, as Instagram stories only stay up for 24 hours, somebody reposted the video on TikTok. You'd have to be pretty sharp-eyed to spot it, but fans think Selena Gomez can be seen in the bottom right corner of the screen filming Evans playing his rendition of 'Purple Rain.'

But while it's a far reach to identify Selena Gomez from that tiny bit of a reflection in the piano, one fan noticed Evans had got girls' hair ties around his wrist.

"For me it's wearing the hair ties on his wrist. I just think about him putting up her hair," commented one fan.

"That, my friends, is called 'a reach'" said another fan, denying that the video proves the two are an item.

"I don't see anything," commented another.

"But she [Gomez] recently cut her hair..." noted another, clinging on to hope that Evans and Gomez are a thing.

Chris Evans has previously been linked to Lizzo (again, mainly a fan rumour), Lily James, Jenny Slate, Lily Collins and Sandra Bullock, among others. It would appear he's clearly got a type - successful actresses/artists with brunette hair, but as far as Selena Gomez goes, it's all just speculation at this point.

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