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How Much Did Daniel Craig Make For No Time To Die?

How Much Did Daniel Craig Make For No Time To Die?

Daniel Craig has been turned into a multi-millionaire by the James Bond franchise.

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

No Time To Die is on track to becoming the most-popular James Bond movie yet, having raked in £25 million in revenue on its opening weekend in the UK alone. So how much is the star of the film earning from this?

The 25th James Bond movie broke records overseas as well, with new highs of sales being reached from opening night in the US on 8th October. It was thought the movie would easily earn between $60-$70 million (£44-£51 million) during its opening weekend there alone.

But with a huge $300-$350 million (£220-£257 million) budget, not helped by the cost of flying the production crew to the various film locations around the world, the film needs to do well. Even with this brought into consideration though, the movie is thought to have had an exceptional start, which will no doubt be helped when it's released on DVD in the coming weeks.

How much money has Daniel Craig made as Bond?

Daniel Craig was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame following the release of his final Bond movie. (

Daniel Craig has been made a multi-millionaire by his role as James Bond over the last 15 years. With an estimated net worth of £120 million (and that's before No Time To Die), he's considered one of the world's highest-paid actors by Forbes.

It's estimated that Daniel Craig has earned a total base salary of $85.4 million (£62.7 million) from his five Bond movies. But that's just base salary, there are also bonuses, which means his total earnings could look more like $110 million (£80.7 million).

How much did Daniel Craig make for No Time To Die?

According to Variety, Craig has banked roughly $25 million (£18.6 million) for the latest Bond film, which is more than Dwayne Johnson earned for his 2020 film Red Notice ($22 million).

It's safe to say, Craig can certainly afford to drive the hottest cars like his character did in the 007 films. But funnily enough, he's said he won't be leaving his wealth to his children.

What is the highest-grossing James Bond movie?

James Bond is the third highest-grossing film franchise of all time, according to Forbes, and it sits just behind Marvel and the Star Wars movies.

While there's no doubt about how well the Bond franchise has done as a whole, the highest-grossing James Bond film, like who's actually the longest-serving Bond actor, is debatable. Without taking into account inflation, Skyfall (2012) is the highest-grossing Bond film to be made, with a total of $358.3 million (£263 million) in domestic revenue and $1.111 billion (£733.3 million) in global revenue.

However, that's knocked down to third place in the ranking when inflation of ticket prices is taken into consideration. With that noted, Thunderball (1965) takes the top spot as highest-grossing Bond movie, bringing in $590 million (£433 million) in domestic revenue, and Goldfinger (1964) takes second place with $514.7 million (£377.2 million) in domestic revenue.

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