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The Meaning Behind Jimmy Carr’s Baby Name Revealed

The Meaning Behind Jimmy Carr’s Baby Name Revealed

Jimmy Carr's son was born in 2019, but he's only just told the world his name.

Jimmy Carr has finally revealed the name of his baby two years after it was rumoured he'd had a child. It's one of the more unusual names, but there's a meaning behind it.

The 8 Out Of 10 Cats host was reported to have become a father with partner Karoline Copping in 2019, but he confirmed the rumours when he joked about his son recently in an interview with Radio Times, which is probably the first time he's mentioned his baby in public.

Despite being in the limelight for more than 20 years, Jimmy Carr has managed to keep his personal life on the down-low.

Jimmy, 49, and Karoline, 46, were first photographed walking with a pram in January 2020. And now, almost two years later, it's finally been confirmed that they have a son and his name is Rockefella.

The meaning behind Jimmy Carr's son's unusual name

It's not uncommon for celebrities to go with out-there names for their children. There's usually a meaning behind it and Jimmy's son's name is no exception.

The name Rockefella has a few connotations attached to it.

Rockefeller is the surname of a famous wealthy American family, according to, which also states that it means "from Rockenfeld, Germany."

It's reported that Jimmy Carr and his partner chose the name partly because they were inspired by American businessman and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, who is widely considered to be the wealthiest American of all time.

Jimmy Carr and partner Karoline Copping attending Ellie Goulding's wedding in 2019. (

But Jimmy's son's name is also inspired by his favourite comedian, Chris Rock, who he says is the "greatest ever comedian," he told Radio Times.

Of course, there's also the Rockefeller Centre in New York, which attracts millions of visitors every year.

Is Jimmy Carr married?

Jimmy Carr isn't married, but he's been in a relationship with his partner, Karoline Copping, since 2001.

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