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Lil Nas X’s Dad Responds To Homophobic Comments Made By Boosie Badazz

Lil Nas X’s Dad Responds To Homophobic Comments Made By Boosie Badazz

Lil Nas X's father lashed out at the rapper on Instagram.

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders


Lil Nas X's father has lashed out at rapper Boosie Badazz after he made homophobic comments towards his son.

It's after the 'Old Town Road' singer joked on Twitter that he'd got a new song coming out with Boosie, to which the rapper retaliated with a string of homophobic slurs.

The message, which has now been removed by Twitter, said: "STOP TROLLING ME F***** LOL U A WHOLE B**** PLAYING WITH A GANGSTA SMH U CAN KEEP SUCKING D*** N GETTIN F***** N YOUR A**."


Lil Nas then jokingly responded to Boosie with: "I am truly saddened. I have never been so mortified in my life..." that "Disney channel has yet to play Halloween Town this entire October."

Now Lil Nas's dad, Robert Stafford, has come to his defence in his Instagram stories. A screenshot of the story was posted on Twitter and it said:

"How the hell you're a gangsta rapper promoting drugs, gun violence, degrading women and getting high every video talking about you're for the kids man sit your old man looking ass down.

"The game has past you," he added. "We real Bankhead over here. Not like the guy who claims it."

Lil Nas has become an increasingly influential figure in the LGBT community. He was the first openly gay Black artist to win a Country Music Association Award off the back of 'Old Town Road' in 2019.

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Lil Nas X was also recently named The Trevor Project's Suicide Prevention Advocate of the Year.

When he was honoured with the accolade in September, he said: "Discrimination around sexuality and gender identity is still very real, and our community deserves to feel supported and totally free to be themselves.

"I often get messages from fans telling me about their struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts, and it made me realize that this was something bigger than myself. If using my voice and expressing myself in my music can help even one kid out there who feels alone, then it was all worth it."

It's clear his father is very proud of his son. On 28th October, a few days after the homophobic comments were made towards Lil Nas, Stafford took to his Instagram story again and said: "BLESSED! @lilnasx I've been watching you achieving great things for a long time. You've done nothing but make me a VERY PROUD FATHER. Keep looking ahead and walking into what GOD has for you."

Lil Nas X has recently released his debut album Montero and nominated for five People's Choice Awards in 2021. His hometown of Atlanta even gave the 22-year-old his own national day to mark his success.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@rlstafford_sang/PA

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