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The Best And Funniest Line Of Duty Series 6 Memes

The Best And Funniest Line Of Duty Series 6 Memes

Here are the best and most hilarious memes about Line of Duty series 6.

Line of Duty has sadly come to an end and we've been reminiscing over some of the defining moments of the series.

And more often than not, the defining moments of any good TV programme end up trending as memes on social media.

So, to give you a chuckle, we've found some of the most shared, funniest and relatable Line of Duty memes about series 6 out there.

Spoiler warning - if you haven't watched all of series 6 yet, look away.

It all began back on 21st March, when the first episode left the nation completely baffled. What's a CHIS? Who is 'H'? Somebody please draw us a diagram.

This meme sums up the nation's confusion perfectly.

According to Richard Osman, CHIS either stands for 'Covert Human Intelligence Service' or 'Clearly H Is Steve.' Great detective work there. Perhaps they should cast him in the next series.

Aldi, B&M & Home Bargains were all piggybacking off Jo's flawless performance with "no comment," with relatable captions like:

"When you get asked how much you spent in Home Bargains today."

"No comment," in the words of Jo.

It wasn't long before Line of Duty characters, scenes and famous sayings from series 6 began to seep into current affairs.

This nod to Boris Johnson's flat renovation is our favourite.

Fans love to hate DCI Carmichael

This one of DCI Carmichael - "The year 2020 was a person" - ouch.

As the UK remained in lockdown after Christmas and everybody was told to work from home.

This meme of DCI Carmichael being likened to that work from home passive-aggressive email from your superior is incredibly relatable.

DCI Carmichael is probably the most hated character on UK TV right now, as demonstrated by this meme comparing her to Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter - remember her? She managed to pull off pure evil while dressed head to toe in pink.

How about this game of 'spot the difference' between Carmichael and some literal bent coppers. The irony!

Despite fans being ecstatic about Carmichael's return to the show half-way through series 6, they love to hate her.


And now onto the beloved Ted Hastings, whose quirky sayings have made it into numerous memes and GIFs. In fact, there are calls for there to be a single made with them. Here's the Ted Hastings compilation.

There're plenty of 'Tedisms' fans love, but "Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey" has got to be the most hilarious of the all.

"Find somebody who looks at you like Ted Hastings looks when you quote Section 117 of the Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984 #LineofDuty," says one fan.

But seriously, how many times did DCS Joanne Davidson say "no comment"? Fans applauded Kelly MacDonald for her top-tier performance in that scene (do we sense a bit of sarcasm there?).

Spoiler alert: Here's Line of Duty, series 6 episode 6, in pictures with no context.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Owulaluffy

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