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Who Is Martin Compston’s Wife And Do They Have Children?

Who Is Martin Compston’s Wife And Do They Have Children?

Everything we know about the Line of Duty star's wife and children.

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

Martin Compston will be gracing our TV screens with his presence again over the August bank holiday as one of the stars of the new BBC drama Vigil.

The Line of Duty star will have a Scottish accent in the new series, to the surprise of some viewers who know him best as Londoner DS Steve Arnott.

As fans prepare to watch Vigil, they want to know more about the stars in the series - and one thing Compston fans want to know more about is his wife and whether he has any children.

Who is Martin Compston's wife?

Martin Compston has been married to Tianna Chanel Flynn since 2016.

She's an American actress, model and stuntwoman in the making, who currently works as an estate agent, according to her social media bios.

Tianna Chanel Flynn with husband Martin Compston. (

Tianna, 34, attended Advanced Technologies Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was a cheerleader for the University of Nevada.

In 2012, she played Teisha in the web series Secret Diary Of An American Cheerleader and in 2014, she played a minor role as a bride-to-be in the film How To Get Away With Murder.

How did Martin Compston and Tianna Chanel Flynn meet?

The two met when at the Hudson Hotel in LA, where she worked as the nightclub manager at the time.

Apparently, Martin learned of her Irish heritage (from her father) and proceeded to charm her with a medley of Irish songs - only a star like Martin Compston could pull that off and get a date.

The rest was history, as the saying goes, and they tied the knot in the Compston family chapel in Greenock, Renfrew, in 2016.

Martin Compston and Tianna Chanel Flynn getting married in 2016. (

Do they have children?

Yes. Martin and Tianna welcomed their first, and only, child into the world in March 2020.

Not much is known about the baby as Compston hasn't posted any photos or even revealed the name of the baby to fans.

They live out in Las Vegas, near to Tianna's mum, who reportedly helps with the childcare.

Tianna Chanel Flynn Instagram

Tianna has nearly 17,000 followers on Instagram, where she regularly posts photos of her family and hubby Martin.

However, like Martin, Tianna doesn't post any photos of their child.

Tianna's username is @tianna_flynn.Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@martincompston

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