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The Six Stunning Locations Where No Time To Die Was Filmed

The Six Stunning Locations Where No Time To Die Was Filmed

From craggy cliffs to ice lakes, these are some of the real-life locations 'No Time To Die' was filmed in.

No Time To Die landed in cinemas on 30th September and overall, it received rave reviews. One thing several critics remarked on was the stunning cinematography and backdrops in the movie. So where was the latest 007 instalment filmed?

Since his character was first brought to life on the big screen in the 1962, James Bond's thrilling chases and near-death experiences have never never been confined to one country. His adventures around the world as he hunts down the most dangerous criminals are what makes the franchise so entertaining.

NTTD was no exception to that and Daniel Craig visited at least six countries during his final Bond outing. These are the main film locations for No Time To Die.


Jamaica features in several James Bond movies. (

Daniel Craig on location in Jamaica. (

The opening scenes of NTTD see James Bond residing in paradise as he lives out his retirement in peace... or so he thought.

Jamaica has a special place in both Bond's and his creator Ian Fleming's heart. Fleming wrote many of the original Bond books in his house in Jamaica, GoldenEye, which is now a major tourist attraction.

This isn't the first time Bond has stopped in Jamaica during his international hunt for criminals. Some of the scenes in Dr No. and Live and Let Die were filmed there.

The spots featured in NTTD are Port Antonio, a city on the northeast coast, and Kingston Harbour.


Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway. (
Unsplash/Alexander Sinn)

In stark contrast, NTTD sees Bond carry out some of the key action sequences against the icy back-drops of Norway.

During the film, Bond embarks upon an epic car chase - in his classic Aston Martin V8 Vantage of course - along the Atlantic Ocean Road there. The road connects the island of Averoy, a quaint municipality off the coast of Norway, with the mainland.

Also featured is the Nittedal Forest, which lies northeast of Oslo. The enchanting forest provides stunning alpine scenery and an icy lake, upon which one of the hair-raising car chases takes place.


Matera, Italy. (
Unsplash/Giulia Gasperini)

Daniel Craig on location in Italy. (

The action then heads to Southern Italy, where the ancient city centre of Matera plays host to another key car chase.

And of course, a new country means a new car. During one of the scenes here, which appears in the trailers, Bond darts around in an Aston Martin DBS. The car whisks through the Piazza San Pietro Caveoso, one of the major tourist attractions in the city with its stone white-washed houses and ancient basilica.

Bond then trades in his car for a motorcycle and performs a pulse-raising stunt on a bridge in Gravina di Puglia.

Some of the filming also took place in the port town of Sapri.

Faroe Islands

Kalsoy, Faroe Islands. (
Unsplash/Dylan Shaw)

Over to Denmark now and the lush green terrain of Kalsoy in the Faroe Islands make a stunning addition to the film's repertoire of backdrops.

Kalsoy, which is home to less than 80 people, has been coined 'the flute' by locals for its thin shape and road tunnels.


Ardverikie House Estate in Scotland. (

For those bleak, isolated backdrops, which seem to reflect the complexities of Bond's character, Scotland is a favourite film location for the James Bond franchise, among other blockbusters.

Craig last visited Scotland for the filming of his third Bond movie, Skyfall, in Glencoe.

Several Scottish locations were used to film NTTD, including Ardverikie House Estate on the banks of Loch Laggan, which also feature in Outlander and The Crown.

There's also the lochs of Aviemore in The Cairngorms.


London. (

Of course, London is home to MI6 and therefore is at the heart of all Bond movies. Bond may jet off all around the world, but it's London he always returns to.

During the trailer, Craig is said to be walking down the streets of Whitehall, while some of the London backdrops were actually sets built at Pinewood Studios, the home to all of the Bond films since the very beginnings in the 1960s.

James Bond: No Time To Die is in cinemas on 30th September in the UK and 8th October in the US.

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