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Who Are The Smithy Family And What Is Their Net Worth?

Who Are The Smithy Family And What Is Their Net Worth?

The family from south London have amassed over 2.5m followers with their funny and heartwarming videos

Robert Mann

Robert Mann

If you're an avid TikTok user in the UK then you probably will have heard of the Smithy Family.

Consisting of former builder and dad Nick, his partner Jess and their four children, the family from south London have amassed over 2.5m followers with their funny and heartwarming videos.

However, despite their usual lighthearted and comedic skits, the family revealed some truly terrible news on the platform this week.

After receiving harassment for months, their family home in south London was targeted in a suspected arson attack - but, thankfully, they all got out and no one was injured.

Nick accused two specific people for purposely setting the house on fire, but at the time of writing, it is not yet known who started the fire.

As well as TikTok, the family has also found success on their other social media accounts and that success has allowed father-of-four Nick to step away from his job as a builder, MyLondon reports.

But what else do we know about this family and how did they rise to fame so quickly?

Who are the Smithy Family?

What began as a few posts about family life in lockdown has earned the family a staggering 2m followers and 173m 'likes' on TikTok.

Their comedy videos have been so successful that dad Nick has given up his day job as a builder to focus on his newfound TikTok fame.

On the family TikTok account @thesmithyfamily, Nick regularly posts videos of himself and his partner Jess Farthing.

The couple have two daughters, Amelia, six, and Isabella, nine, and have another child on the way.

Jess' half-brother Jack, 16, is a regular feature in the family's videos, as is Nick's son Ben, 13, who lives with the family some of the time.

Nick joined TikTok back in December 2019 after his daughter said he was "too embarrassing" and told him he was not allowed to do TikToks with her anymore - so he started his own account.

Since then, the account has grown massively and the family are now sharing their lives millions tuning into their videos on social media.

What is their net worth?

Nick, who has not disclosed exactly how much the family now earn, has said that their presence on just Facebook alone is paying more than he was earning through his building work.

The family have also recently released their own merchandise and are now looking forward to the future and intend to continue with a career in social media.

Nick also revealed that he is in the early stages of creating an 11,000 square ft 'content warehouse' where he, and other creators can film inside.

He intends for the space to have a filmset-style house, a massive ball pit, ziplines and an electric go-kart track.

With videos racking up millions of views, the family have also used their platform for good by collecting around £60,000 worth of gifts for the Salvation Army over Christmas.

Featured Image Credit: Nick Smith

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