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The Outlaws Season 2: BBC Release Date, Cast And Trailer


The Outlaws Season 2: BBC Release Date, Cast And Trailer

By Gabriella Ferlita

It's one of the wittier comedies on BBC One and iPlayer, thanks to its tones of self-deprecation, and the broadcasting company's series The Outlaws has been confirmed for a second season.

Co-created and directed by Stephen Merchant, the BBC series focuses on seven squabbling criminals who have been bound to community service.

Their Groundhog Day-reality of litter-picking and covering graffiti is put on the back burner when the lawbreakers find a hefty bag of money.


However, the group are also entirely unaware that some other, even more threatening characters are out looking for the same wad of cash.

With that in mind, here's everything we expect for season 2 of The Outlaws.

What happens In Outlaws Season 1?

Warning - Season 1 spoilers


To recap, seven criminals from different walks of life, and for different crimes, are sentenced to carrying out community service in Merchant's native Bristol. The characters start out as obvious stereotypes but quickly morph into profound and meaningful roles through Merchant and co-writer Elgin James' writing.

The closest thing to a protagonist is Rani (Rhianne Barreto), who plays the cliched Asian "good girl", who's actually a thief in secret. Rani immediately gets eyes for Christian (Gamba Cole), the "bad boy" who tries to keep his little sister away from the gang that operates around their estate.

Then there's John (Darren Boyd), a right-wing Bristolian entrepreneur who clashes with Myrna (Clare Perkins), a Black activist. Christopher Walken plays an ex-con Frank, who lives with his estranged daughter Gabby (Eleanor Tomlinson) who's also a social media star.

Finally, Steve Merchant himself makes an appearance as Greg, an awkward divorced lawyer who's a bit of an outcast - even in this group of delinquents.


At the end of season 1, which was released on 25 October 2021, we saw Diane forcing Frank to paint over a Banksy painting (which was destroyed by Christopher Walken in real life!).

After, she tells the criminal that she knew who shot the gun from the beginning after she denied believing Ben could be proved for the crime.

What will happen in Season 2 of The Outlaws?

Although the show was renewed for a second season before the premiere of the first even began, there has not been confirmation yet from the BBC of what's yet to come from the next series.


It's likely that season 2 would answer fans burning questions from the nail-biting season 1 finale, including Diane's instance as to who fired the gun - how does she know who did it?

Season 2 may also pinpoint what the gun-man may be sentenced to - will it be another relentless stretch of community service, or something more severe?

What is Season 2 of The Outlaws release date?

The BBC hasn't officially confirmed a release date for Season 2 of The Outlaws, but as filming concluded for the second series in October 2021, it shouldn't be too long until the chapter continues for the comedy-drama.


It's expected that the new season will air as early as the beginning of 2022.

What does the cast look like for the Outlaws Season 2?

The second series will no-doubt see a return of the original seven criminals, along with their community service leader Diane, and Ben, who may be accused of firing the gun that led them to the season 1 finale.

Season 2 The Outlaws Trailer:

As Season 1 of The Outlaws only recently dropped, it's too early for a trailer for season 2 just yet.

Keep checking back though, as we'll drop one right here as soon as it's released.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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