When Is Netflix’s Sex Education Set?

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When Is Netflix’s Sex Education Set?

Sex Education season three drops on Friday (17th September) and we are buzzing to be reunited with our favourite Moordale High students.

Ahead of that, we've answered some of your burning questions about when, where, and in what school year Sex Education is set.

One thing we do hope, however, is that despite the characters inevitably reaching the end of their time at school some day, we hope there'll be a season four.

When is Netflix's Sex Education set?


If you hadn't guessed from Eric's colourful shell suit jackets, the mustard hallway lockers, and the décor which looks like it belongs to a Coronation Street set three decades ago, the comedy-drama series is indeed set in the 1980s. Well, sort of. It's not actually in the 1980s, but it's inspired by the 1980s, but set in modern time - hence the references to Ed Sheeran, Coke Zero and other modern pop culture icons.

When telling us why it's inspired by the 1980s, the show's writer, Laurie Nunn, explained that Moordale High is "very much a fictional place," and so setting it in the 1980s would only heighten that sense of it being a fictional world full of teenage nostalgia.

"We see it like a teenage utopia, and I like to think of it almost like a comic book world where these teenagers exist."


Where is Sex Education filmed?

Sex Education was filmed in various locations in Wales.

A lot of the filming for scenes inside Moordale High takes place on Caerleon campus, which used to be part of the University of South Wales in Wye Valley, South Wales.

According to Conde Nast Traveller, "its 32 acres were once used to house around 4,500 students, but now its early-20th-century brickwork and striking clock tower are the basis for the show's Anglo-American high-school hybrid."


Ever wondered where the gym is? That's filmed in the Paget Rooms in Penarth, which is just south of Cardiff.

Other key locations for the series, such as the 'Sex Education house' are located in Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean, on the Welsh border.

Is Sex Education set in sixth form? What grade are the Sex Education students in?

It's difficult to say for certain, because it's not highlighted during the series, but Otis and his crew are believed to be sixth form students aged 16-18.


Sex Education season three drops on Netflix on Friday 17th September 2021.

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