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Alfred Molina Has Hilarious Response When Asked Why He Returned For Spider-Man: No Way Home

Alfred Molina Has Hilarious Response When Asked Why He Returned For Spider-Man: No Way Home

The trio of villains from Spider-Man's past have been interviewed ahead of Marvel's newest release

As the release day of Spider-Man: No Way Home gets closer, speculation surrounding Marvel's newest film is growing. 

Highly anticipated is the return of old Spider-Man villains – William DaFoe as Green Goblin, Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, and Jamie Foxx as Electro. 

Ahead of the film’s release, the trio were interviewed for a special ‘Villains Panel’ over on YouTube.

However, Twitter users found one clip from the interview particularly hilarious when Alfred Molina gives a very blunt response to a question. 

Watch the clip below: 

When asked why they returned to the Spider-Man franchise, William gives a longer answer about ‘the spin’ and new direction the movie takes. 

In stark contrast, when asked the same question, Alfred simply replied: “For me, it’s just about the money.” 

The video garnered a positive response on Twitter, with most users applauding his honesty. 

One said: “Alfred Molina speaks what all three are thinking” 

Another user simply wrote: “*laughs in rich*” 

A third added: “Why do they put actors in these awkward situations? ‘Oh I did this movie because I believe in this project/it was challenging/blah blah blah’. They did it for the money!!! It’s a job! And a high paying one. Goddamn! Kudos to Molina for cutting the bs.” 

Although another commenter disagreed, as they replied: “Because a lot of actors, especially ones doing well enough to choose what they do, are interested in the movie.” 


It appears Alfred is in fact interested in the movie, as the interview clip was simply cut short. 

In a longer version, Alfred talks about the 'pitch’ and ‘material’ being excellent. 

He also joked: “To be honest, when the idea was first suggested I thought, hang on, I’m 17 years older, I’ve got chins, I’ve got wrinkles, you know, I mean, what are they gonna do? 

“And then of course, I suddenly realised they’ve got the technology - this isn’t gonna be a problem!” 

He went on to say: “It’s been very nice to come back to something that is familiar, but also completely new. 

“The technology has moved on phenomenally in the last couple of decades, so, you know, it’s kind of still exciting.” 

Amazingly, the newest Spider-Man addition has already broken records for the most advanced cinema tickets sold, The Guardian reports. 

So, if you want to avoid spoilers, we recommend booking your tickets sooner rather than later. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be released on 15 December in the UK. 

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Spider-Man

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