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Sir David Attenborough Reveals The Most Upsetting Thing He’s Ever Filmed

Sir David Attenborough Reveals The Most Upsetting Thing He’s Ever Filmed

His career has spanned over 65 years, but he's never seen anything more heart-rendering

Episode two of LADbible's original series, The Gap, drops on Facebook Watch this Sunday at 8pm, featuring legendary documentarian and national treasure, Sir David Attenborough.

We've got a sneak preview for you in which he reveals the most upsetting thing he's ever seen while filming.

Sir David has had a career spanning over 65 years, and in that time, he's surely seen some incredibly sad sights, but none more heartbreaking than a baby elephant who was struggling to walk and dying of thirst as his parents helplessly stood guard.

The closest waterhole was half a day's walk away, and as Attenborough's friend shot footage, they tried to figure out how to help the little elephant - but there was no way they could. Even if they did try and get to the baby, its parents would have charged at them. They had no option but to watch on.

Seven Worlds, One Planet
Seven Worlds, One Planet

The Gap is a window into different lives and different generations. Two people, of vastly varying ages, discuss a shared experience that impacted their lives, how it affected them and how they dealt with it to ultimately emerge stronger. Through the conversation we see the human stories, and society's changing attitudes towards taboo subjects.

In episode two, Sir David comes face-to-face with Tom Parry, a 26-year-old documentarian who dreams of following in the footsteps of Attenborough. The pair discuss everything to do with the natural world and the devastation that has been brought upon it over the past few decades, what the next generation need to do, and how we can ultimately save our planet - or at least keep it going for as long as possible.

The Gap, Episode Two
The Gap, Episode Two

The Gap is an eight-part series that airs every Sunday at 8pm (GMT), on LADbible's Facebook Watch, as well as Twitter, YouTube and IGTV. Episode one, which has 1.1million views (at the time of writing) saw Noel, a former bank robber who was handed a life sentence, meet Cornai, a young man who was sent down for knife crime but is turning his life around and helping others. Watch it here:

Sir David Attenborough's new documentary series, called Seven Worlds, One Planet, has been four years in the making but will also hit our screens this Sunday. Put your feet up, tune into his new series at 6:15pm and then catch him on The Gap at 8pm.

Sunday night, sorted.

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