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Paul Walker's Charity Legacy Continues Through His Daughter

Paul Walker's Charity Legacy Continues Through His Daughter

When Paul Walker left us in November 2013, nobody questioned that it was too soon.

Famed for his roles in The Fast and Furious franchise, it would appear, upon the release of the latest in the series, that he is still not forgotten.


Recently, Vin Diesel, who starred alongside Walker, took to Instagram to remember his friend.

Diesel thanked the crew for the great work they do on the movies and said one of them had come up to him and said 'wow, what we are capturing on film is excellent'.

He added: "And then [they] looked at me and said Paul would be proud."

But Paul Walker was so much more.


He had a strong interest in marine life, and even majored in marine biology after high school.

His kind-hearted nature saw him catch and tag seven great white sharks in 2010 to help track and monitor them in Mexico.

Upon his untimely death, a foundation was set up to continue his good work - The Paul Walker Foundation.

His legacy is to be continued, spearheaded by one person; his daughter, Meadow.

Clearly, the good-looking genes are present. As handsome as her father, 18-year-old Meadow now leads the various campaigns.

Credit: Instagram

"Reflecting on my father, I found myself reflecting on his passions," Meadow said on the PWF website.

"His passion for the ocean, his passions for rescuing animals, his passion for helping people, and his passion for spontaneous goodwill.

"I wanted to start this foundation, because I want to share that piece of him with the world."

The PWF is looking to help the 'ocean leaders' of tomorrow in their bid to protect the seas and the creatures that live within them.

Primarily, the foundation provides grants and scholarships to selective students and researches who a pursuing education or working on advancing their specialist area.

We, like Vin Diesel, can safely say that Paul would be proud.

Featured Image Credit: Paul Walker Foundation

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