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This Terrifying Spider Infestation Had a Foot Long Creepy Crawly

This Terrifying Spider Infestation Had a Foot Long Creepy Crawly


Bugs are repulsive. I so hate cockroaches with a passion because I know that they are evil and when the nuclear holocaust comes they will be all that's left in the world. Nothing can kill them.

But I never got arachnophobia until now. I read 'Charlotte's Web' as a kid and I felt bad for the poor spider. But when the spider is over a foot long an has spawned thousands of Satan's children, then yeah, I'm terrified.

Pest control expert Noel Parminter discovered the worst infestation of his sixteen-year-long career Down Under where the spiders are ten a penny, massive and can kill you.

He had a showdown worthy of Sam and Shelob in Lord of The Rings.

Take a look at THIS!

Credit: ViralHog/Noel Parminter

He found the massive huntsman spider and her babies on the roof of a Kholo home in Queensland. Which for some reason he went to investigate in the dark. Well, OK, he's a brave man. First the tiny spiders scatter when he shines a light on the nest. There are hundreds of them. The nest is HUGE.

If this was on my roof I think I would just move.

Credit: ViralHog/Noel Parminter

Look at all the tiny arachnids! That nest is as big as my head!

Cut to a foot-long mother spider. SHIT THE BED. Amazingly, Noel doesn't run away screaming. In fact, he's so fearless he barely shudders and carries on with his job. Cool as a cucumber.

"If spiders make you squeamish, don't press play ... you have been warned!" he wrote on Facebook.

Huntsman spiders aren't dangerous to humans, thankfully. Their bites aren't poisonous. They're just scary to look at when they're scuttling around.

And they're bloody massive.

Almost a foot long...Credit: Facebook

Enough to give you nightmares!

More spider-related trivia for you...

We all know spiders are pretty clever; they spin amazingly intricate webs. But did you know that they can hear you...

When spiders crawl along and stop suddenly, it's because they can hear you. And they can hear you from 10 feet away. Shudder.

Words Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: Noel Parminter/Facebook

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