​Twitter Reacts To A Pride of Lions Going After A Fully Grown Giraffe

Every week we commend the excellence of Planet Earth 2 and the unforgiving and uncompromising creatures in the animal kingdom.

When it's not a baby iguana running for its life from a den of snakes, a scene with snow leopards more tense than someone whose just ran for the first time in eight years, or a jaguar killing a caiman, it's something else just as incredible.

Tonight's episode focused on deserts. And there was one scene that really stood out among the rest. Yes, there was a fight between a bat and a scorpion and a plague of locusts that could signify the end of the world, and those savage birds that impale their prey were eye-opening, but there was something else more spectacular, and it was the first major thing we saw. With a pride of lions starving in the Sahara, they have to attack something larger than usual, and a poor giraffe is their target. It's harrowing yet compelling viewing as you watch the pride try to take the creature down.

Credit: BBC

The giraffe has speed and stamina, as Sir David tells us, but it runs right into a trap, with a female lion waiting at the end of it. It's being built up and in the office we're waiting for the lioness to pounce and kill the creature, or slow it down so her pals can join. With one eye open, we watch nature's powerhouses go at it.

The lion leaps, majestically, straight towards the tall neck of the giraffe, before getting completely owned. The giraffe powers right through the attack, knocks the lioness to the ground and follows up by treading on her.

It was at this moment she knew she'd fucked up. Credit: BBC

Here's what Twitter had to say about it.

Roll on next week.

Main image credit: BBC

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