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England Fan Gets Whole World Cup Squad Tattoo On His Leg

England Fan Gets Whole World Cup Squad Tattoo On His Leg

Dan Welch made a promise that if England got to the quarter-finals he would get the 23-man squad tattooed on his leg - we know what's coming

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

We've seen the 'England 2018 World Cup Winners' tattoos and we've had a laugh (and usually a head shake) when someone's permanently inked themselves with 'It's coming home' but we're looking for bigger and better now.

Let us introduce you to Dan Welch. He's an England fan - or so we'd hope, considering he now has the entire squad tattooed on his leg. Imagine having Nick Pope tattooed on your body...

The 29-year-old put his 'neck on the line' and his leg under the needle when he tweeted his 'promise' back on May 16.

We all know what happened when England played Colombia in the last-16 - it was tense, it was exciting and we definitely wouldn't have wanted to be in Dan's shoes.

England were 1-0 up thanks to a Harry Kane penalty. Then Colombia equalised in the last few minutes taking the game to extra time.

It went to penalties - Jordan Pickford proved he's a legend, and we won't talk about Henderson.

But we will talk about Dan, because everyone loves an honest LAD who stays true to his word. That's Dan, because he did exactly what he said and a little bit more...

The accountant from St Albans, Hertfordshire, promised to get the surnames every player in the 23-man dream team and then got the added extra of the man in charge - Mr Gareth Southgate.


At 8pm on Thursday, Dan went to his local tattoo studio and was 'shitting himself'. And afterwards he tweeted:

Dan later told his Twitter followers that he 'fucking loves' the ink which set him back £90 ($119).

Luckily, the dad-to-be, whose daughter is due on Sunday, was sponsored by a few mates and prayed that his partner didn't go into labour during the sitting. Let's just hope he's not too rough after England vs Sweden...

Twitter/Dan Welch

People responded to Dan's tweet with gratitude, respect and humour. One responded: "You'll forever have Phil Jones on your body, I respect the commitment."

Another said: "You deserve a ticket to the Quarter Finals mate!"

And a third added: "I want him to tattoo the starting lineup on his face in the formation we start the final." Things are never good enough for some people, are they?

Dan Welch.

Something we appreciate more than most is the fact his list is in alphabetical order. Yes.

One last thing from Dan: "Nothing else to say apart from IT'S COMING HOME."

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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