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Disneyland Is Bringing 'Toy Story's Pizza Planet To Life

Disneyland Is Bringing 'Toy Story's Pizza Planet To Life

Disneyland is set to open a Pizza Palace, like the one in Toy Story, in the Tomorrowland section of its theme parks

Ronan O'Shea

Ronan O'Shea

To infinity and beyond - with a side of garlic mayo, dough balls, and most definitely not pineapple on the pizza, thank you very much.

For Toy Story lovers among you (basically everyone, then) there is some good news from the world of Disney - it's bringing a new pizza restaurant to the Tomorrowland section of its theme parks, and it's going to look just like Pizza Planet from Toy Story. Refresh your memory via the clip below:

For those of you have haven't rewatched the film already one time this year, Pizza Planet is the über-cool restaurant Buzz and Woodie venture to.

It's where they discover those lovable, three-eyed, deluded aliens who live in the belief that 'The Claw' is going to take them to salvation, when in actual fact they generally end up being played with by an oily-fingered child for 10 minutes before being discarded.

The full title of the restaurant is going to be 'Alien's Pizza Planet - A Better Place', a nod to the alien's belief that instead of a life huddled together in a games machine they're off to Nirvana.

Disney / Pixar

In the film, Pizza Planet is a restaurant frequently visited by Andy and his family. Shaped like Saturn (the planet, not the prog rock group from Islamabad), it has a life-sized rocket and launchpad beside it, and one can only hope the good people of Disney are going to do it justice when it hits its parks.

Originally, Pizza Planet was supposed to be a pitch-and-putt place, but the filmmakers decided to make it a space-themed pizza restaurant so they could craft a story arc around the idea that Buzz Lightyear thought he was on his way home.

In the end, that's what they opted for, and that's how Buzz, Woody and an alien end up at Sid Phillips house after Buzz is fished out of the claw game.

Disney / Pixar

Sid is a nasty little shit who doesn't deserve any pizza, or toys, but gets both anyway. It's not discussed in the films, but he likely grows up to run a large, successful corporation, or becomes a low level criminal.

Disney is yet to announce when exactly the new restaurant will hit its parks, but Wow News Today reports that it will be 'shortly', which frankly can't come soon enough.

Featured Image Credit: Disney / Pixar

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