It’s Been 28 Years Since Only Fools And Horses’ Most Iconic Scene

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It’s Been 28 Years Since Only Fools And Horses’ Most Iconic Scene

Is there any greater British comedy than Only Fools and Horses? Set in South London in the 80s and 90s, two mismatched brothers, fast talking chancer Del Boy and lanky and awkward Rodney were a pair of lads on misadventure after misadventure, conning people out of money and dreaming of being millionaires.

The show had some seriously funny scenes in it that we've all watched again and again.
Can you believe it's been 28 years to the day since (arguably) the show's most famous hilarious gag aired?

Let me set the scene...

Del Boy and Trigger are trying to chat up some women in a fancy wine bar instead of their usual, the Nag's Head. Del has just seen Wall Street for the fourth time and it's gone to his head. He thinks he's a yuppy - he's changed his style to look like Michael Douglas. Green mackintosh, aluminium suitcase, and a filofax that he takes everywhere.
Leaning on the bar, he tells Trigger: "Play it nice and cool, son, nice and cool."


And then he falls through the bar!

Here it is for you to feast your eyes on!

Del Boy, you plonker!


It never gets old.

There's plenty more gags in Only Fools and Horses - what about the amazing chandelier scene?

To remind you - Del Boy, Rodney and Granddad have set themselves up as chandelier cleaners. Del Boy met a woman called Lady Ridgmere and she needed her chandelier cleaned, so Del Boy offered to do it for a mere £350. Cushty!

Granddad lifted up the floorboards to unscrew the chandelier while Rodney and Del Boy waited with a sheet to catch it.


What could possibly go wrong?

Take a look here.

Credit: BBC


Apparently the director threatened to sack anyone who laughed when they were filming the scene because they could only do it once. He had to stuff a handkerchief in his mouth to stop giggling!

My personal favourite is when Del Boy and Rodney dress up as Batman and Robin.
It was the best Christmas special ever, in my opinion (even better than GARY)! Trigger is boasting about getting an award from the council for using the same broom to sweep the streets for 20 years - even though the broom has had 17 new heads and 14 new handles!

Boycie invites Del Boy and Rodney to a fancy dress party and they dress up as Batman and Robin - the costumes are hilariously bad. But their van breaks down and they're pretty reluctant to go outside in their costumes and embarrass themselves.

Rodney is sure that the empty streets will suddenly flood full of people that will laugh at his Robin costume.


So they decided to run through Peckham - and inadvertently stop a crime!

Credit: BBC

Another classic is this scene.

There's a funny sound coming from the flat and Del Boy and Rodney think it's coming from Uncle Albert - as often strange bodily noises do.

But he says that it's not coming from him.

The two brothers wander round the flat looking for the source of the noise...

And up pops an inflatable sex doll!

The men are terrified and run and hide in the bathroom!

Credit: BBC

Lovely jubbly!

Words Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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