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A Real Life Hollywood Romance Just Happened On A Plane And It Was Live-Tweeted

A Real Life Hollywood Romance Just Happened On A Plane And It Was Live-Tweeted

Rosey Blair swapped seats with someone on a plane and joked they might end up sitting next to the love of their life. They just might have

Mischa Pearlmen

Mischa Pearlmen

If you've ever watched a romantic Hollywood movie about two strangers meeting by chance on a bus or a plane or in a lift who then get together and live happily ever after,you probably thought: "Pffft, that's all bullshit - it never happens in real life."

Well, maybe it does. We're a long way from the happy ending right now, but Twitter user Rosey Blair, who's an actress, might have accidentally engineered the perfect Hollywood romance in real life.

It all started when she and her boyfriend were flying home to Dallas, Texas. They weren't seated next to each other, so asked a woman in front of them if she wouldn't mind switching, adding that she may just meet the love of her life if she did. And that's just what might have happened.

The two strangers began talking as soon as they sat down next to each other, something which didn't go unnoticed by Rosey. So she began live tweeting the pair's encounter, creating a narrative that unravelled with the intense drama of a soap opera.

To her, both looked like fitness buffs and she was right. The pair hit it off and began talking about everything - fitness and otherwise - as Rosie relayed what was happening in real time.

There was flirting, and physical contact, and the pair even went to the bathroom at the same time. Did they join the mile high club? Probably not, but you never know...

What there definitely seems to have been is chemistry, so much so that once Rosey's free hour of wifi ran out, she actually paid for more so she could keep the hordes of people now following the unfolding romance abreast of what was happening.

That led some to speculate that it was all a big marketing plot by T-Mobile - who provided the wifi on the flight - though that's something Rosey denies.

In fact, the CEO of the telecommunications company was so enthralled with her story that he offered to pay her back for the wifi she'd bought. Which could be an ingenious double play on the company's behalf, but we'll choose to believe that he really was taken with the tale.


Anyway, who knows if the budding romance Rosey and her boyfriend saw unfold in front of their eyes will end happily ever after, but after it was all done, Rosey did post the above message to Instagram, which is the real takeaway here.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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