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Batman Returns Is Being Called The Greatest Christmas Movie Of All Time

Batman Returns Is Being Called The Greatest Christmas Movie Of All Time

The film was released in the UK on 10 July 1992...

Move over Die Hard. It's all about Batman Returns now - and that's because people are claiming that the 1992 classic is a Christmas film.

The movie, starring Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny DeVito, was released in the UK on 10 July 1992 and 19 June 1992 in the US... so how is it a festive film, we hear you ask?

Warner Bros.

Well, the film does include an element of festivity, namely that it's set around Christmas.

The Penguin (real name Oswald Cobblepot) was born on 25 December before being chucked into the sewer where he was discovered by a family of penguins.

Over three decades later Gotham comes under attack with Batman intervening and fighting off criminals as he does.

The rest of the film takes place on the run up to Christmas, so I guess it ticks that box.

Now, fans of the film have taken to social media to express their thoughts and feelings on it being a Christmas classic with many comparing it to Die Hard.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: "Everyone is so preoccupied with whether or not Die Hard counts as a Christmas movie, that we all miss the fact that both Gremlins and Batman Returns are both great Christmas movies."

Another added: "Christmas tradition: watching Batman Returns because it’s the most Christmassy of Christmas movies."

A third said: "Batman Returns is the greatest Christmas movie of all time!"

Another commented: "If someone is at your house and says Die Hard or Batman Returns aren't Christmas movies, make them leave. You don't need that negativity in your life. I don't make the rules."

Explaining the point more thoroughly, someone turned to Reddit and explained: "Every year people always ask the same dumb question about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie and it always gets mentioned on Christmas movie lists, but where is the festive love for Batman Returns?

Warner Bros.

"Oswald Cobblepot is born on Christmas Day and the rest of the movie takes place in the lead up to Christmas. There's even a sexy exchange between Catwoman and Batman that's Christmas themed:

"Batman: Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it.

"Catwoman: A kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it.

"If Die Hard's a Christmas movie then so is Batman Returns."

Responding to the thread, one person wrote: "No one denies that Batman Returns is a Christmas movie," with the original poster hitting back: "No one might deny it but no one ever brings it up."

Got a point.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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