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​Amy Schumer Responds To People Who Thought She Called Her Son 'Genital' On Purpose

​Amy Schumer Responds To People Who Thought She Called Her Son 'Genital' On Purpose

Amy Schumer has responded to people who thought the screw-up with her son's name was all on purpose, saying it truly was just an honest mistake.


Speaking on her podcast 3 Girls, 1 Keith, the comedian and actor revealed she and husband Chris Fischer had decided to change the middle name of their son Gene, who turns one on 5 May.

She explained: "Do you guys know that Gene, our baby's name, is officially changed? It's now Gene David Fischer. It was Gene Attell Fischer, but we realised that we, by accident, named our son 'genital'."

Amy Schumer with son Gene. Credit: Instagram/Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer with son Gene. Credit: Instagram/Amy Schumer

In an new interview with Howard Stern, Schumer revealed that some people thought it was some sort of elaborate joke.

As Schumer was joined by Gene for the video interview, host Stern was prompted to ask her about the whole naming debacle.


"Oh my God, don't tell him," Schumer joked, covering up her child's ears.

"We're not telling him. It's so embarrassing."

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Explaining how she and Chris realised their mistake 'a month in', Schumer continued: "You know, you're like, the new parents and you're just tired and in ecstasy. And then - I don't know if some troll on the internet or somebody... I read it, and I was like, oh my God!

"You're going 'Gene Attell', it just - me, a filthy person - it never dawned on me.

"All the blood rushed to my head."

Schumer added: "And Chris' last name is Fischer, so it's Genital Fissure!"

Referring to the incident as 'the first of many failures' with a grin on her face, Schumer said: "Everybody kind of gave me credit, and I was just like, 'No, that is just a huge f***-up'."

Schumer and Fischer originally called their little bundle of joy Gene Attell Fischer, with his middle name serving as a tribute to their comic friend Dave Attell.

Credit: Instagram/Amy Schumer
Credit: Instagram/Amy Schumer

However, after they realised the slightly awkward problem, they decided to scrap the offending moniker.

Thankfully, Dave Attell hasn't been forgotten, as the parents decided to change Gene's middle name to David, opting to go for their pal's first (safer) name instead.

While speaking to Howard Stern, Schumer also opened up about her plan to have more kids, explaining that she and Fischer had started the process of IVF before the pandemic hit.

"We've got these embryos," she said. "Right now, we were going to make a move and then Covid happened, and I'm just kind of like, 'OK, maybe we'll revisit that in a minute'."

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