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Security Guard ​Stops Man 'Trying To Steal Arnold Schwarzenegger's Bike'

Security Guard ​Stops Man 'Trying To Steal Arnold Schwarzenegger's Bike'

Security were spotted pulling 'a taser' on a man, who was allegedly trying to steal Arnold Schwarzenegger's custom bike.

The incident happened outside Gold's Gym in Venice, California, today (Friday 7 June), just as Arnold was finishing up his morning session.


According to witness Douglas Nichols (@rapidsvideogroupllc), someone had been seen trying to make off with Arnie's bike, before a security worker whipped out a taser.

Nichols shared a video of the aftermath on Instagram, with the caption: "Golds Gym this morning, witnessed Arnold's security pull a taser on man who was trying to steal Arnold's bike."

A witness is heard in the video saying someone ran into the building, adding: "Someone is trying to steal Arnold's bike."

Nichols also shared several photos, and in one you can see what looks like Arnold's security pointing a taser gun at someone.

The security staff apparently 'tasering' someone. Credit: Instagram/Douglas Nichols
The security staff apparently 'tasering' someone. Credit: Instagram/Douglas Nichols

According to TMZ, Arnold decided not to involve the police, and rode off on his bike after the would-be thief left.

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The unexpected moment came when the former Mr Universe was taking selfies with fans, and a man suddenly appeared from behind with an absolutely brutal two-footed drop-kick to his back.

The guy was swiftly dragged away, and thankfully Arnold later tweeted to say he was not hurt in the attack.

Turns out he didn't clock that he had been kicked, and thought he was 'just jostled by the crowd'.


From the video footage I have no idea how that could feel like merely getting 'jostled' - but then he is absolutely hard as nails, isn't he?

"I'm just glad the idiot didn't interrupt my Snapchat," Arnold joked in the tweet.

Getting drop-kicked, having his bike almost nicked... Ain't nothing stopping this fella.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Douglas Nichols

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