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Bam Margera Welcomes His First Son But Everyone's Talking About Phil

Bam Margera Welcomes His First Son But Everyone's Talking About Phil

The Jackass and Viva La Bam star posted a photo to Instagram of his wife Nicole Boyd holding their son Phoenix Wolf.

For Bam Margera, the birth of his first child was no doubt an extremely big deal but he probably didn't expect his dad to steal the show.

The Jackass and Viva La Bam star took to Instagram to announce the birth of his son Phoenix Wolf, posting a photo of his wife Nicole Boyd holding their son who was born earlier today.

But everyone was talking about Bam's dad Phil, sat down in the corner of the hospital suite doing his very best Santa Claus impression. He certainly has the clothes and physique down pat.

The photo, captioned simply 'Phil' and taken from behind Boyd, shows Phil looking jolly with his full beard and dressed in a red and white robe.

An earlier photo posted by Bam showed Nikki cradling her new born son in her hospital bed and was captioned simply with his name: 'Phoenix Wolf'.

People responding to the photo were understandably amused by Phil's resemblance to the icon of Christmas himself. Looks like he's arrived two days early.

"Father Christmas sat in the corner. Go on phil," one person wrote on Instagram.

"Is that Phil or Santa!?? Love that guy!! Congratulations!!!" said another.

"Look how proud phil looks and congratulations to you both," a third added.

Speaking to People magazine in September, Bam revealed how he and Nikki had chosen Phoenix's name months in advance. It's a pretty cool name, to be fair.

"I said it and everybody liked it, so we stuck with that," he said, adding that the name kind of "followed them around" throughout their relationship.

The pair's son seems to be named after where they first met, as Nikki posted a photo of the picture of the Phoenix Theatre in California on Instagram in October.

Margera became famous for his silly stunts on Jackass and Viva La Bam before losing a few years to self-abuse including alcohol problems.

Bam recently made a triumphant return to skateboarding with the skating mag Jenkem uploading a video to YouTube showing the skater back to his best.

After a difficult couple of years for Bam, it's great to see him looking happy and healthy with his new family.

No doubt he and Nikki have already received the best present they'll get this Christmas.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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